Pinned How Do You Became A John Wayne Fan?

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    • One of my earliest memories is weekend westerns at my Grandma's house on the farm where I spent my early childhood. Westerns usually meant John Wayne; and I became a fan of the simple straight talk and straight shooting Duke basically by the time I was old enough to walk and talk myself. Becoming a fan was just natural.
    • I was 4 years old when my father took our family to our first drive-in movie. The movie playing was "Hondo". I was lying on the deck of the rear window when it came on. Because it was a western, I was immediately enthralled. When Hondo picked up the kid and "taught" him how to swim impressed me enough that my brother and I went to a nearby pond and taught ourselves sometime later. But, when Duke said that Indians hated liars, that hooked me on him forever.
    • The PBS special "John Wayne Standing Tall" was only available on VHS for a limited time. Unlike many of their other biographies, this one was never released on DVD. I still have a VHS unit just for this reason. There are several movies that were only made available on VHS that have not been put on DVD or Blu-Ray. Case in point - the roadshow (extended version) of John Wayne's "The Alamo". If you don't have a VHS copy of it, you may never get a Blu-Ray or DVD copy because the film elements are so badly deteriorated. You can only view the full version on Turner Classic Movies. Fortunately, I recorded it many years ago on VHS, translated to mva4 format and put it on DVD. Unfortunately, the soundtrack gets out of sync in the second half right after the "Intermission".