What Positive Thing Have You Experienced?

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  • Returning after a hard workin' day and to have the courage to eat at 3:00 a.m. while I'm enjoying this forum's threads!


  • Wow, plenty of great things you all have posted.

    One thing is looking at the pictures of the area where my ancestors walked and to try to picture in my mind the life they lived. Pictures of my English relatives who helped me to understand grandfathers and grandmothers who I never met, as well as other relatives. Those pics brightens my day.
    Another thing I will always enjoy is the sound of a properly tuned V8 Hotrod.
    Lastly, one thing that always brings a smile is seeing my Wife in the backyard happy amongst her roses.

  • One thing positive was witnessing a car hit a boy on a bycicle in our neighborhood this evening....that was NOT positive, but the fact that boy was not seriously hurt. Thankfully the driver had not been speeding, nor drinking, and was genuinely shaken to the core by the experience. A potential tragedy was averted, and only the bike was a wreck. The Lord continues to work miracles today.

  • Talked with someone who has on her bucket list rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. That has a ring to it. Perhaps I will go.

    Greetings from North of the 49th

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  • watching any john wayne film cheers me up - also mid afternoon on a saturday when all the jobs are done, and the prospect of a glass of wine and a curry in the evening always lift my spirits

    "Sorry don t get it done, Dude" (Rio Bravo)

    Hooked on The Duke