How Do I Love Thee? (1970)

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    • How Do I Love Thee? (1970)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      In this syrupy comedy, a father attempts to reconnect with his troubled,
      estranged son, a philosophy professor.
      The chance at reconciliation comes when the son learns that his father,
      whom he hasn't seen in years is fighting a strange nameless movie disease
      in a French hospital.
      The young man's wife is not pleased.
      While aboard the jet, the son reflects upon his upbringing
      and the fights that would erupt between his mother,
      a fundamentalist Christian, and his father, an atheist.
      He remembers how his father turned to a free-spirited artist for comfort.
      Just before she left him, the artist gave the father a lovely poem.
      Later after his son became a teacher, the father decides to enter
      to piece in a poetry contest and wins $10,0000,
      which he plans to donate to his son's department.
      Unfortunately someone discovers that the artist's "original" poem
      is anything but and the father is publicly humiliated while his son
      is passed for promotion.
      Seeing how unhappy his son has become, the father decides to go
      to a church and pray for his son to get promoted.
      It works, but unfortunately a man had to die for the son
      to get it leaving the father to be wracked with guilt.
      Fortunately with the son's arrival comes the father's salvation.
      ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

      Full Cast
      Jackie Gleason .... Stanley Waltz
      Maureen O'Hara .... Elsie Waltz
      Shelley Winters .... Lena Mervin
      Rosemary Forsyth .... Marion Waltz
      Rick Lenz .... Tom Waltz
      Don Beddoe .... Dr. Littlefield
      Fritzi Burr .... Mrs. Gromulka
      Soroya Farah .... Belly Dancer
      Templeton Fox .... Mrs. Wellington
      Alex Gerry .... Walter Wetzel
      Marcia Knight .... Rachel
      Frank Logan .... Frank the Bartender
      Maurice Marsac .... The Bishop
      Lou Marsh .... Hearse Driver #1
      James McCallion .... Pete McGurk
      J. Edward McKinley .... Hugo Wellington
      Jack Nagle .... Dean Bagley
      David Anthony Pizzuto .... Radical Student
      Clinton Robinson .... Tom Waltz, Age 11
      Ed Ross .... French Dentist
      Don Sebastian .... Art Salerno
      Dick Sterling .... Dr. Giroux
      Evelyn Turner .... French Nurse
      Olga Vargas .... Mother Superior
      Harriet Veloshin .... Dean Bagley's Secretary
      Judy Wallace .... Mrs. Bagley
      Robertson White .... Old Geezer

      Writing Credits
      Peter De Vries novel Let Me Count the Ways
      Everett Freeman
      Karl Tunberg

      Maureen O'Hara was injured on the set, O'Hara and Jackie Gleason were in the middle of a scene. O'Hara was sitting on a garden bench, the cushions had been removed exposing the cyclone fence wire that supported them. O'Hara's right hand was resting on the wire and as a very drunk Jackie Gleason was delivering his lines, he tripped and accidentally fell on top of her hand. The cyclone wire gave way and the weight of his body crushed her hand. She had to be rushed to the hospital; her hand required orthopedic surgery. As a result, she has no cartilage on the fingers of her right hand and is missing a joint on her index finger.

      Filming Location
      University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • How Do I Love Thee? is a 1970 American comedy-drama film directed by Michael Gordon.

      It stars Jackie Gleason and Maureen O'Hara and is based
      on Peter De Vries's 1965 novel Let Me Count the Ways.

      A sugary, something or nothing comedy,
      If anyone's seen this one, please add your comments.

      User Review

      unusual romantic comedy18 July 2014 | by jonathan_lippman (France)

      JON wrote:

      rather strange but not without its merits. A comedy about religion and with Maureen O'Hara and Shelley Winters in the same film... but sadly no scenes together.. Jackie Gleason is the leading man and a odd choice of a husband for the beauteous Miss O'Hara. Rosemary Forsyth is the third lady in the cast, and a gorgeous lady in her own rite... Hard to really describe this movie cause it is rather unusual about a woman who fears for the mortal soul of her husband...It is worth a look if you can find it. NOt out on DVD and flopped at the box office upon release but as I am a big fan of Miss O'Hara I would see her read a phone book. It is one of her last feature films. I read somewhere that Gleason wanted Ava Gardner and Lana Turner for the two female lead roles; That would have been interesting too.. Check it out if you can find it.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Maureen O' Hara- How Do I Love Thee? (1970)


      After a long break, during which Maureen is married , our heroine to do reluctant and agrees to direct this film. Unfortunately for her, the scenario is dreadful and the director can not do anything to improve it ... It was a dud at the box office ...

      a small video

      Good reading
      Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
      French-English translation: poor !!!

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