Durango, Mexico

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    • Durango, Mexico


      Duke made at least 7 movies here
      The Sons of Katie Elder
      The War Wagon
      The Undefeated
      Big Jake
      The Train Robbers
      Cahill: U.S. Marshal

      Durango is the name of both a state of Mexico and that state's capital city.
      This article is about the state.

      If you have ever seen a Western, then you probably know what the area
      surrounding Durango looks like.
      More than 110 movies have been filmed here,
      with Durango second only to Hollywood for number of productions.

      However, the amount of exposure the area has received gave rise
      to the misconception that all Mexico is barren and rocky.
      In reality, even Durango has forests, at the moment one of its lumber producers
      is a supplier to Ikea, as part of a sustainable logging scheme.

      Once you get over the thrill of the poncho and sombrero in the film sets,
      then you will be able to appreciate the elegant colonial architecture,
      for example in the Plaza de Armas.

      Durango shares its name with the Spanish town because the founder
      Don Francisco de Ibarra hailed from the Iberian town.

      Durango (IPA pronunciation /du?ra?go/) is one of the constituent states of Mexico.
      Its estimated population in 2003 was about 1,450,000 people.
      The city of Durango is the capital.
      The Sierra Madre Occidental is a mountain range located
      in the western portion of the state.
      This mountain range contains a plentiful supply of mineral deposits,
      including the silver that encouraged Spanish occupation of the territory
      after it was discovered.
      These mines extend north into Chihuahua and south into the state of Zacatecas.

      Culturally, Durango is famous for a type of musical style known as duranguense.

      The major occupations in Durango are farming, lumbering and ranching.
      Vast desert basins in the Laguna District are irrigated by the Río Nazas.
      Major crops grown in the area include cotton, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco,
      corn, and other vegetables.

      Francisco de Ibarra, the first to colonize Durango, settled this part
      of the vast northern province of Nueva Vizcaya in 1563,
      when he founded the capital city and named it Durango
      for his native town in Biscay, Spain; the foundation was just
      one in his larger program of initiating settlements through the province.
      This was a late colonization for the Spanish, mostly due to heavy
      resistance to Spanish occupation by the indigenous population living there,
      from first contact to modern times, in attempts to gain some autonomy,
      address grievances, or maintain traditional land ownership.
      Spanish colonists became highly attracted to the Durango area
      for its mining and grazing capabilities. In 1823, shortly after
      the Mexican revolutionary victory over Spain,
      Durango earned the right to be a separate state.
      Information from Wikipedia
      edited and suplemented to by ethanedwards

      For more information:-
      Durango- Wikipedia
      Sierra de Organos

      Cap, Zacatecas, Mexico

      Scenes from
      The War Wagon
      filmed here

      The Organ Mountains is a collection of rock formations in
      the municipality of Cap , Zacatecas , Mexico

      Located 30 km from the city of Cap , Zacatecas, Durango due to,
      among pine-covered hills and sacaton on highway No.. 45;
      45 appears a notice (to the right) to go to the Organ Mountains, 9 km.

      The climate varies from warm to hot during the day and cool to cold at night. .
      On an immense rise these impressive natural sculptures formed by magma
      and carved by the wind, have wavy lines and sensual forms that delight the walker.

      If you walk in silence, one can see rabbits, hares, quail, bluebirds,
      turkeys, pigeons, raccoons, bobcat, gray fox or coyote who venture
      to browse among the walkers.

      Its flora has the features that gives the mild climate and the desert which are combined.
      The vegetation consists of pines, acacias, oaks, cedars, mesquite, cactus,
      palms samandocas, some cacti, grasses and pastures of low quality.

      Some Movies filmed here:-
      Anthony Quinn and Gregory Peck then filmed The Guns of Navarone.
      Mexican cinema I take this place to shoot movies with actors such as
      Maria Felix , Pedro Armendáriz , Ignacio López Tarso , July German ,
      Jose Elias Moreno and many more.
      International films such as The Cave in which participated
      a former member of The Beatles , Ringo Starr .
      More recently, several scenes were filmed there for the movie Cristiada,
      which involved Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria

      For more information:-
      Sierra de Organos- Wikipedia
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Durango movie sites?

      Does anyone know any information concerning Duke movie sites in Durango, Mexico. My pastor down in Port Isabel spends about half the year down in Durango and keeps inviting me. His selling point is the movies Duke made down there. Now I don't think he knows anything for certain, its more likely he is just trying to get me down there to help with the church. Both good causes all the way around. Any help would be appreciated.:gora: I love these little things.

    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- Durango, Mexico


      I've re-directed your post here, where there
      is already a post dedicated to the Durango location,

      Hope this helps, Duke's films are listed, here!
      and they were filmed in and around,
      Casa Blanca, Chupaderos and El Saltito,
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- Durango, Mexico

      Great info and I guess my pastor will get my help some time in the future. My pastor flies down there all the time and asked me to fly with him. I should clarify, he is the pilot and his favorite stories are how he has almost crashed three times enroute. The drive should be nice and pleasant.:glare: Thanks again.