London, England (Brannigan)

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    • London, England (Brannigan)


      was filmed in and around these locations.

      Piccadilly Circus

      The muffed postal drop filmed in the middle of Piccadilly Circus,
      where the villains manage to escape through convenient
      unlikely sewers, because there is a tube station down there!!

      For more photographs:-
      Piccadilly Circus- Google Images
      Dorchester Hotel

      Villain Ben Larkin (John Vernon) stays in luxury at the
      Dorchester Hotel, 53 Park Lane

      For more information, or fancy a stay!:-
      Dorchester Hotel
      Mario and Franco’s Terrazza

      Jim Brannigan (Wayne) and Det Sgt Thatcher (Judy Geeson)
      enjoy a meal at famed celeb eaterie Mario and Franco’s Terrazza,
      which is now now Lvpo, 50 Dean Street, Soho

      For more information:-
      Lvpo Restaurant
      Garrick Club

      Brannigan has to borrow a tie when he lunches with top cop
      Commander Swann (Richard Attenborough) at the
      Garrick Club, 15 Garrick Street,
      the gentlemen’s club which numbered
      Charles Dickens among its members

      For more information:-
      Garrick Club
      Royal Automobile Club (RAC)


      Another famed gents’ club: Larkin is kidnapped from the lavish
      Royal Automobile Club (RAC), 89 Pall Mall.
      Just look at the famously extravagant swimming pool.

      For more information:-
      Royal Automobile Club (RAC)
      Tower Bridge

      The most famous scene is the car leap across a half-opened Tower Bridge.
      The Metropolitan Police HQ, Scotland Yard, seems to jump the Thames too,
      from its usual home in Victoria.
      The view from the windows is obviously south of the River Thames.
      These scenes were shot in St Thomas’ Hospital.

      For more photographs:-
      Tower Bridge- Google Images
      Battersea Park

      Brannigan’s temporary London home is 61-80 York Mansions,
      Prince of Wales Drive alongside Battersea Park, south London
      (though when the villains booby-trap his toilet with a bomb,
      the resulting hole in the wall mysteriously reveals a view
      of the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park).
      Which in that location, it would not!
      Maida Vale

      He moves in with Jennifer Thatcher,
      at Douglas House, 6 Maida Avenue,
      Maida Vale, West London
      next door to A Fish Called Wanda’s ‘Kipling Mansions’).
      The Lamb Tavern

      The obligatory pub fight, where everyone ends up flailing at everyone else,
      was filmed in The Lamb Tavern in the centre of the Victorian arcaded
      Leadenhall Market at the foot of the new Lloyds Building
      which also houses the entrance to
      ‘The Leaky Cauldron’ in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
      More recently, the late Heath Ledger charmed the ladies here
      when the travelling show is set up in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

      (click on photo for enlargement)

      For more information:-
      The Lamb Tavern
      as it is now.

      For more information:-
      Leadenhall Market
      Beckton Gas Works

      The signal Box, where Duke
      Kicked off the door knob

      The Gas works, Products works and Alps were used as a location
      for TV and cinema filming on a number of occasions.
      The mounds of chemical waste were used to portray mountaineering scenes.

      In 1975 the film Brannigan starring John Wayne used the location.

      The opening sequence of the 1981 James Bond movie
      For Your Eyes Only was filmed here.
      The scenes involved Roger Moore as James Bond attempting to regain control
      of a helicopter operated by remote control by his nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

      In 1986 the film Biggles: Adventures in Time
      used the gas works as a location for a weapon testing ground.

      Virtually no trace of the old gasworks now exists. Bisected by many roads, including the A1020 Royal Docks Road, a small area of the waste tip and some gas holders remain, separated by a mile or so of redevelopment. Parts of the site are occupied by an industrial estate, the Beckton Retail Park and Gallions Reach Shopping Park.

      Part of the extensive industrial railway route has since been used for the Docklands Light Railway between Beckton DLR station and the Royal Docks Road. The site also houses the Beckton DLR depot.

      For more information:-
      Beckton Gas Works as a film location
      St Katherine's Dock

      Where Duke threw the hapless motor cycle rider into the water !

      For more photographs:-
      St. Katherine's Dock

      With some information from
      Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- London, England (Brannigan)

      Loved looking through this.... I'm going to be in London in late April, early May and may have to have a pint (or two !!) in The Lamb !!! Won't get too rowdy and end up throwing a "Brannigan " !!

      Dee x
    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- London, England (Brannigan)

      Thanks Keith for your hard work on the info and pics. Shame the school is gone.
      I enjoyed this movie for two main reasons, it had John Wayne, and Judy Geeson. I had a crush on her from the Too Sir With Love movie. To quote Sir, she was smashing.