Ireland (The Quiet Man)

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    • Ireland (The Quiet Man)

      County Mayo, Ireland

      Cong, County Mayo, Ireland,
      was the setting and the filming location
      for John Ford's 1952 Oscar-winning film,
      The Quiet Man



      Cong (Conga Fheichín or Cúnga Fheichín in Irish) is a village in County Mayo,
      Republic of Ireland, next to the Galway border.
      It is located on the north shore of Lough Corrib, near the town of Ballinrobe
      and the villages of Neale and Cross. Cong is known for its underground streams
      that connect Lough Corrib with Lough Mask to the north.
      It was also the home of Sir William Wilde, historian and father to prominent playwright,
      novelist, poet, and short story writer, Oscar Wilde.

      This picturesque village lies on the shores off Lough Corrib, just within County Mayo.
      It is on the edge of Connemara. Cong, (in Gaelic Cung) means isthmus,
      the village lies on the strip of land between Lough Corrib and Lough Mask.

      For more photographs:-
      Cong- Photos
      White O'Morn Cottage

      The original cottage above showing the owner
      at the time holding a baby and look at the chickens pecking
      just outside the half door and the roses growing in the flowerbeds.

      The tourist board are trying hard to make the owner of the derelect White O'Morn
      see the sense of restoring the ruin to it's former glory.
      That is something I would dearly love to see.
      The owner is an American and has so far not agreed to allow restoration to go ahead.
      The film brings thousands of tourists to Cong, Mayo every year
      and most of the buildings used are still in good to perfect condition.

      The original White O’Morn cottage is in a state of ruin.
      All that remains on this tufted patch of earth is shaped pile of housing stones.
      The thatch appears to have gone first, after which water seeped
      into the 18-inch-thick stone walls and washed out the mortar,
      peeling off the whitewash as the breakdown progressed season by season.

      As it is now..........................................With kind permission of Patrick McCormick

      During a visit in July of 2001 there was rumblings that the original cottage
      would be restored and made into some kind of tourist attraction.
      However, as recently as June 2003 it was still found crumbling
      to the ground with no evidence of any construction project.
      The word is that a Californian has owned the property
      for 22 years and remains unmoved by requests to sell
      so the cottage can be restored.
      So sad that no one saw fit to preserve this lovely cottage for future generations.

      It is just a pile of stones now and even they are disappearing as tourists
      take them for souviniers.
      Cohan's Bar

      An old photo of Pat Cohen's Bar.

      It was actually a shop not a bar
      but now it has been refurbished
      and recreated faithfully as the bar.

      It was beautifully outfitted by Gus Martin , GM Carpentry, Dublin
      and is a faithful recreation of the one in the film.
      Gus is a fervent fan of the film too so it must have been a labour of love.
      they used stills of the film to make sure they got it just right.
      The Quiet Man Bridge

      The Quiet Man Bridge

      Over 50 years ago John Wayne and Barry Fitzgerald
      sat on this bridge in a horse drawn carriage.
      Cong Church
      St. Mary's Church Of Ireland

      This is the pretty little church where Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danagher
      played "pattie fingers" in the holy water font.
      Ashford Castle

      Just south of Cong is Ashford Castle, built in a Gothic revival style
      by Arthur Guinness (Lord Ardilaun), is now a five star hotel with Golf Course.
      One of Ireland's finest hotels, converted from a medieval lakeside castle,
      and a tourist attraction in its own right.
      Much of the movie was filmed on the grounds of Ashford Castle.
      Duke, John Ford, and the other major stars, also stayed there during filming.
      The famous fight scene was shot in the grounds of the castle,
      Much memorabilia and special tours are available to commemorate the film.

      The town and castle area remain little changed since 1952,
      and Cong's connection with the movie make it a major tourist attraction
      in that part of Mayo.

      Fancy a holiday!:-
      Ashford Castle
      Cong Abbey

      Cong also has a fine example of a ruined medieval abbey,
      and Celtic art in the form of a stone High cross called the Cross of Cong,
      which shows Viking influences.
      The majestic remains of Cong Abbey are the relics of the Augustinian abbe
      y founded in the 12th century by Turlough O'Connor,
      King of Connaught and High King of Ireland.
      The Market Cross of Cong in the village commemorates tow
      former abbots of the monastery.
      The Cross of Cong, an ornate processional cross intended for the abbey,
      is now in Dublin's National Museum.

      The Cong Canal, also known as the "Dry Canal" was a failure,
      primarily due to its inability to hold water. Now used as a drainage channel only,
      the water level can vary between 6 inches and 12 feet depending on the time of year
      (summer dry, winter full). Built heritage features of the canal remain.

      Only two weeks of the production was spent in Ireland
      because the local hotels couldn't accommodate the American crew.
      Playfairs Cottage

      Then we have a truly beautiful cottage
      that is still exactly the same today.
      It was the location for the Playfairs-( actually the gate-house to Ashford Castle)
      the Church of Ireland reverand and his wife.
      Danagher House

      Above is the Danagher house.

      It also survives and is located on the estate of Ashford Castle.
      Just the same except in the film there was no glass porch at the front door.

      As it is today

      This beautiful house is exactaly how it looks today as it did in the movie back in 1951
      Its located on the grounds of Ashford Castle , and is very well taken care of
      by the lovely May and Joe Murphy.
      I hasten to add the house is not open to the public at any time and is strictly private.
      With special thanks to Mike Ward
      of Save The Quiet Man Cottage for the photograph and the above
      Ballyglunin Station
      (Castletown Station)

      The station used in the opening sequence and during the scene where John Wayne
      slams the train doors looking for 'Maureen OHara later in the film is
      Ballyglunin Station- south of the town of Tuam, Co. Galway.
      It looks the same today as it did in 1951,
      when the film was shot (although released in 1952).

      The only major difference is that the bridge which crosses
      the railway tracks is now gone.
      This bridge was moved to Ballinasloe station, East Galway
      (where it still stands today), after Ballyglunin closed down as a main line.
      The Stepping Stones

      With kind permission of Gary McEwan- STQMC Group- Facebook
      Lettergesh Beach- Commera

      The Inisfree Race Meet

      The horse racing sequence was shot at
      Lettergesh Beach- Commera
      on the west coast of Ireland
      Cong River Fight Scene

      Look towards the big tree on the banks of the Cong river on the right.
      This is the location where Danagher is knocked into the river by Sean.
      Danagher then says "you've had enough," Sean replies No,
      so Danagher says "Well give a man a hand then"
      Sean pulls him out of the river only to receive another punch from
      Danagher which sends him reeling, the next time you watch this scene again
      you will see the stones on the wall of Cong Abbey as the fight continues.
      Emily O'Connor's Shop

      When Sean and Mary Kate take their wagon into town a store called
      "Emily O'Connor" can be seen in the background.
      This is actually a crafts store and is still in business to this day.

      In the film, Cong Village doubled as both Innisfree and Castletown. One side of Cong was Innisfree and this side of the village was CastleTown. The scene shot here was a cattle fair, cast your mind back to the film as Mary Kate and Sean arrive in Castletown to do their shopping. It was here that Mary Kate spot's Danaher selling his crossbred sheep and says to Sean "now's a good time to get my money" Sean replies, "Money, money I'm sick of the talk of it! is that all you Danaher's think about money?". With that Mary Kate whips up her horse and leaves Sean to walk back to Innisfree. When Mary Kate leaves Sean in Castletown to walk back to Innisfree we see him walking up hills through fields, when in fact all he had to do was walk up the street, that's Hollywood for you. In the background we see Emily O'Connor's Craft shop and next to it is the post office which is still the same as in 1951.
      Fr.Lonergan's Gate

      Now sadly stolen!!
      White O'Morn Replica Cottage

      A replica of the famous thatched cottage in the movie is located at Maam Cross
      County Galway, in the west of Ireland.

      The first location is one of the last scenes in the film.
      It is located opposite The Quiet Man Heritage Cottage at the flower bed
      and is when the widow Tillane and Danagher start their courting.
      They were on the trap with Michaeleen Og as chaperone.
      "Hold on to your Hats," were Michealeen's strict instruction
      to the courting couple
      as his beautiful horse Napoleon took them passed the now
      Heritage Cottage along Circular road here to your right.

      For more information:-
      The Replica Quiet Man Cottage
      Mary Kate's Willow Pattern Dishes

      Mary Kate so loved her crockery and such.
      She used the beautiful Willow pattern dishes.

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- Ireland

      Once the kids grow up and leave the house, me and the wife will have our trip to Ireland!!

      We'll see this site along with several others that involve the band U2! :wink_smile:
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store
    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- Ireland

      Same here, I have family in Cork so I plan to visit sometime this year and get up to Cong for a couple of days.
    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- Ireland

      Yes, some day I will go to the old sod and see the sites.

      The family has been gone for 4 generations but I plan to go back.

      "I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please."
    • Re: New Pub In Quiet Man Country


      What other can you tell us about this ole' Pub? Might want to visit there when I go. It will be a while before I get there. I'll have to save a lot more money before coming.

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Re: New Pub In Quiet Man Country

      Hi all,

      Sorry for the delay in answering, but we have been
      away on holiday for a couple of weeks.

      Murray, I was down in Cong just before Christmas last year.
      We were staying in Ashford Castle, we celebrated our
      30th wedding anniversary. On one of mornings while
      we were there, we walked into the village. It's a wonderful
      walk along a tree lined lane. After only a few minutes you
      pass the "Church of Ireland" church, where Sean and
      Mary-Kate play "patty fingers in the holy water." Then as
      you continue along the lane it takes only a couple more
      minutes to reach the cottage of the Reverend and Mrs Playfair.
      Then you turn right and you are in the village of Cong. Now
      although the old "Cohan" building has been rebuilt, it has
      not been turned into a pub. It looks just the same as it does
      in the movie, with the name "Cohan's Bar" above the door,
      but that's as far as it goes. I was a wee bit disappointed
      because I was looking forward to one of those "black beers."
      But then again, this is Irelnd we are talking about, so we just
      walked 2 hundreds yards up the street and there was a place
      that had so much of the stuff, they were selling it.

      I did ask the barman about "Cohan's", but he didn't know what
      was happening with it.

      Hondo, just come with whatever money you have, the drinks are
      on me.

      Vera, if you liked English pubs, you will love Irish pubs.

      I'll try one of those black beers....THE QUIET MAN.
    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- Ireland

      For continuity reasons
      Here are some other posts,I have copied over,
      relating to this lovely area
      Old April 13th, 2005

      This may be of interest.

      As you all know the Duke made The Quiet Man in and around the small Irish village of Cong in County Mayo, which is in the west of Ireland. I was recently shown a article in a Irish newspaper about a pub that was going to open there, some time this summer (2005). Now I know you'll all think that that's nothing to write home about, an other pub in Ireland. It's a bit like having a banner headline informing us of another leaf falling from a tree in autumn. Ah.... But this is no ordinary pub, oh no. The pub in question is to be built on the site of the original pub, the one which we all know as Cohan's.

      The bar in the movie never existed, and was in fact a shop (store). It sold groceries and petrol (gas). John Ford only used the exterior of the building. All the interior shots were done later back in Hollywood. But you all knew that.

      Now here's the interesting part (at last I hear you say). It would appear that the owner of the shop Mr Jack Murphy, Has retired (he was an extra in the movie, and a very nice man whom I've had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times) and his nephew has somehow managed to get his hands on many of the original props, and is having them shipped over to Ireland From Hollywood, It seems that they are in storage in a warehouse at Paramount Pictures. The nephew Mr John Connolly hopes to have memorabilia to help recreate the pub.

      I'll keep you all posted, if and when I hear anymore

      April 14th, 2005
      Hondo Duke Lane

      What is the name of the pub going to be?

      Cheers B)



      I spent a week in Cong some years ago, one of my greatest vacations ever! Of course, in the ways of the pilgrim I visited every spot of the movie. Cohan's appears today the same as in 1951, and of course it never WAS a bar. I met Murphy, too - he was still working in the shop then.

      But you know, I never like when landmarks get changed. Cohan's should stay just the way Ford used it. I'm sure they would have to bring down the front to make the changes, no?

      There are quite a few pubs there already drawing the tourists as "Quiet Man Café", displaying photos and such. And there's the museum as well. Which doesn't have too many props but still, it devotes a whole house to the film

      Old April 14th, 2005

      Hi Itdo and Hondo.

      The name of the pub will be "COHAN'S BAR".

      I've had an other look at the article, and reading between the lines, I think that John Connolly intends to save the front of the building, so all the work would be to the interior. I don't see any point in him pulling the building down.

      For those of you who have never been to Cong, Here is a little insight to the place.

      The village looks almost the same today as it did in The summer of 1951, when Duke and John Ford were there. The building which appears as Cohan's, with the name above the door, is still there. COHAN'S BAR is still there in bold lettering, the exterior is still painted light green. The door which Barry Fitzgerald opens is still the same. the only thing that looks out of place is the petrol (gas) pump which stands just of the footpath (sidewalk) in front of the building. I asked about that pump a few years ago, thinking that it was added to the business after the movie was made. But by all accounts it was there while they filmed in the village. They were able to keep it hidden by having people stand in front of it. The Cetlic cross is still standing in the same spot as in the movie, many people think it was a prop, but no, it's the real thing.

      The only difference today is, there are no longer derelict buildings like the ones you can see when Duke and Barry Fitzgerald ride into the village for the first time. The buildings are still there, but they are homes now. Across the street you have, as Itdo says. THE QUIET MAN cafe. There is a hotel just to the left as you look at the front of Cohan's, which was built about 17 years ago called Danaher's. But apart from that the village is still just that , a village

      It won't come as a surprise to any Duke fan to know that thousands still come to Cong every year, to walk in the footsteps of the QUIET MAN.

      Old April 14th, 2005

      Emmanuel, sounds like a really nice place to visit and I hope to sometime down the road with my wife.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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