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  • Well without sounding to mean, we should just pull out of every country, stop giving our money to everyone, take care of our own, lock down our borders, drill in Alaska till we find a alternative fuel, and let the rest of the world rot if we are such a bad infulence. And if that doesn't work then just start bombing, everything!!!!

    I couldn't agree more. And that's NOT tongue-in-cheek.

    BTW, guys, I still highly recommend Steyn's book for some good insights.

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  • Nobody is attacking the US.

    Why, haven't you heard, Mike - nobody has to be attacking the U.S. for this country to get into wars. After 1945, the clowns in Washington appointed America defender of the entire world, whether the world wants it or not.

    BTW, I'm an isolationist. I say the U.S. should develop an alternative energy source, pull up the drawbridge, and say to hell with everybody else, especially the Middle East.

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  • Apparently, Steyn disapproves of isolationalist right-wingers like me, as he includes a couple of lines of criticism in his book for isolationalism. Outside of that, we agree on almost everything else.

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  • Well, I am not a total isolationist. But I will say like Stumpy, we like to stick our nose into alot of things that we don't belong in or need to be part of. Problem is, the world cries for help and the good ole US of A comes a running and cleans up or helps out, but before you know it, we are then plastered for helping. If that's the case then that's where I say to heck with the world and become "isolationist" in my views.

    We are not going to solve the problems in this world amongst ourselves. With that said I am going to bow out of this conversation.

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  • I really hate political discussions, because no one usually likes my opinion. After spending 12 years in the military, visiting about 32 different countries, meeting and getting to know many different cultures, seeing the way many many people live in large and small countries, I have to say I like it where I am. I back our President right or wrong, it's what you do if your an American. Not saying he's right or wrong but a nation divided will not endure.

    We've been helping the little guy for over a hundred years now. Helping them fight their wars, eliminate their dictators, feed their people, re-build their infrastructure and everything else we've done with a piss poor reimbursement percentage. One example, our military ships dock in Italian ports for free to pay off their WWII debt. We used to travel through the Panama Canal for free for obvious reasons.

    Personally, and this is where I get in trouble, I think it's time we start letting everyone fight their own battles. Send the Statue of Liberty back to France, close our borders, if your child is born here you don't get automatic citizenship, and starting spending those billions of dollars on our own homeless, disabled and children. Keep our military close to home. Don't allow US companies to out source jobs to other countries so when I call to get help from a customer service department, I can actually understand the person. This may not be a popular view but we have a lot of people right here at home that can use help from their own government.

    I haven't been able to work for 5 years now and I never will again but it took me over 2 years to get disability. People have to remember, we lost more military in Korea in a war that hasn't ended yet. Technically we're still at war with Korea, the only thing stopping hostilities is a treaty and a highly defended DMZ. But we need to start taking care of our own people. New Orleans and alternative fuel source would be a good start.

    The problem I see with the war in Iraq, is you can't mix religion and politics. With our separation of church and state it works. But they want an Islamic religion defined government. Not gonna work!

    Done preaching! :hyper:

  • The problem I see with the war in Iraq

    The problem I see with the war in Iraq is this, which is the exact same micromanaging by civilians that we had in Vietnam. And we all know what happened in that fiasco.

    My grandpa used to tell me, "Son, avoid a fight if you can but if you can't, get into it to win", which is very good advice. In other words, once you get into war, take the gloves off and kick their butts. Period. We fought that way in WW2 but haven't since then.

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  • The Washington Times is the most biased newspaper rag in DC. And I was talking the overall reason why Iraq will never become stable with a religious based government. The reason we haven't fought that way since WWII is the stupid United Nations, probably the most worthless organization in the world today. Started after WWII, it's purpose has become worthless. Security council vetoes usually tie our hands because if we don't follow the consensus of the council we look bad. And our main opponents are China, Russia and France. How can you take countries that can't stand each other and ever think they'll agree on policy. Bad topic... moving on!

  • Actually their reputation for slamming the current administration is profound. And it changes as the administration changes. To me they're more of a humor rag.

  • I agree with most all that is said here. Dakota.S. also posted several somethings I completely agree with (along with all he has said and just to keep my reply short) in that the united nations is a very usless and money-spending organization. I've always said that the initials "U.N" stand for: Useless Nations. I wish they would be kicked out of our country but made to pay up all their bills first -- including the millions of dollars in traffic tickets that representatives of the u.n. accrued in NYC over the years.

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  • The problems in British politics continued today when it was revealed that the police had lost track of over 300 sex offenders. While I understand that many Americans may have a lot of respect for Blair and the Labour government, however for me this story epitamises Labours dreadful tenure.



  • The problems in British politics continued today when it was revealed that the police had lost track of over 300 sex offenders. While I understand that many Americans may have a lot of respect for Blair and the Labour government, however for me this story epitamises Labours dreadful tenure.


    Count me out on respect for the Labourites themselves, Rob. It's only Tony I admire and even then, only because he's stood by us so steadfastly in Iraq. He's been a true ally and such folks are hard to find nowadays.

    But I've read of certain policies and events occurring in the U.K. over the past several years that both shock and disappoint me very much because they don't sound like the U.K. of my fond memories. It's really hard to believe that little group of islands ruled most of the civilized world in centuries past.

    I've become thoroughly disgusted with the cultural disintegration in this country during the past 30 or 40 years but damned if I don't think it's been worse in not only Great Britain but the entire continent of Europe. Some of the thought now prevalent on that side of the pond is really hard to digest for someone like me.

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  • Hi Chester

    No, I saw that on one of my tours of Ebay

    Ive had this one from about 3 years ago. Proper made badge that doesnt fade in the sun LOL and I havent seen another like it since on Ebay.