Rough Romance (1930)

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    • Rough Romance (1930)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Working as lumberjacks in the Northwest, Billy West (George O'Brien)
      and his pal Laramie (Eddie Borden) spy two men stealing furs from a trap,
      and they arrive too late to save the trap owner from being shot.
      Billy suspects Loup LaTour (Antonio Moreno) and his partner Chick Carson (Harry Cording.)
      While Marna Reynolds (Helen Chandler) dreams of dances and pick chiffon dresses,
      her father (David Hartford) is being forced to purchase stolen furs from LaTour and Carson,
      and LaTour is throwing a few lecherous glances toward Marna.Billy,
      in a card game, catches LaTour cheating and also suggests he suspects
      him of theft and murder before further violence is stopped by the sheriff.
      Billy and Laramie are ambushed and Billy is shot in the shoulder but kills Carson.
      Laramie takes Billy to Reynolds trading post where Marna ministers to his would.
      LaTour convinces the sheriif that Billy murdered Carson and the sheriff is led on
      a dogsledded-chase by Laramie.LaTour returns to the post with intentions
      of changing his lecherous glances into lecherous action,
      and the weakned Billy struggles with LaTour as Marna races toward the log-jammed river.
      While John Wayne had a bit in this film and also worked on props,
      he was not given a Props credit as shown by some sources.
      If he had been, he would have been the first and only Props worker
      given an on-film credit in 1930. He wasn't credited in the Art Department.
      Summary written by Les Adams

      Full Cast
      George O'Brien .... Billy West
      Helen Chandler .... Marna Reynolds
      Antonio Moreno .... Loup La Tour
      Roy Stewart .... Sheriff Milt Powers
      Harry Cording .... Chick Carson
      David Hartford .... 'Dad' Reynolds
      Eddie Borden .... Laramie
      Noel Francis .... Flossie
      Frank Lanning .... Pop Nichols
      John Wayne .... Lumberjack (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Kenneth B. Clarke story The Girl Who Wasn't Wanted
      Donald Davis dialogue
      Elliott Lester

      Original Music
      Peter Brunelli (uncredited)

      Daniel B. Clark

      Art Department
      John Wayne .... props (uncredited)



      Filming Locations
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Rough Romance (1930)

      Rough Romance is a 1930 American adventure film western directed by A.F. Erickson.
      The film starred George O'Brien, Helen Chandler, Antonio Moreno, Roy Stewart,
      and Harry Cording and a 23-year old John Wayne had a minor uncredited role.

      Duke was a lumberjack credited as Duke Morrison.
      This life and death struggle in the wilderness,
      Les Adams, one of our members wrote the IMDb Plot Summary

      During the making of his previous film Words And Music
      he grew friends with George O'Brien,
      who later helped Duke get the part in Rough Romance

      Duke said
      Thanks to my friendship with George O'Brien...
      I was made to feel I belonged to the lot...
      I loved going to work at the studio.
      I felt this was my life, my future.

      User Review

      The 23 Year Old John Wayne
      Author: The-Lonely-Londoner from London, England

      It's the way that Wayne leans on his hips when he speaks to someone. He has charisma and personality that can emulated by all. His distinctive character carves him out as a screen personality rather than an actor, and there's a lot that can be learned from him about what it means to be talented rather than the story of the American west.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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