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    • I was wondering if anyone knew about Pat Stacy's life after 1979 and before her death in 1995. I just finished re-reading her book about the Duke and I wondered what became of her after the Duke's death in 1979. I imagine members of the Wayne family weren't too happy about her book (and I seem to remember that Aissa cast some doubt on Pat's relationship with the Duke in Aissa's own book).

      P.S. I did see Chili Bill's posting that her ashes were in a vault a few yards from the Duke's final resting place.
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      Hello and welcome to the board, Brent. Glad to see you join in. I don't have a clue as to what happened to her after 1979, but I am sure there is someone on this board that does. Seldom does this group get stumped good. So, keep checking in and don't be a stranger!

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      Welcome to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind anywhere on the 'Net!

      As far as Pat Stacy, my wife read her book a few years ago, but doesn't remember the details after Duke's death.

      I've always felt it would be interesting to find out who was the heir to all her papers and effects. To my knowledge, they haven't come to the surface since her death. They probably are languishing in a storage locker somewhere, waiting for a lien sale. :shades_smile:

      Again, welcome!

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      Hi Brent

      Warm Welcome to the Forum

      This is all I could find on Pat Stacy after 1979

      Pat Stacy.[17] She wrote a biography of her life with him, DUKE: A Love Story (1983). Stacy married Los Angeles businessman Richard Donahugh in 1981 and died of lung cancer in April 1995 at the age of 53.

      This is the source document on


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      Brent, Mike has got it about Right about Pat Stacy and Her Life after Duke's Passing. And Yes Her Ashes are just a Few Yards from Duke's Grave Site.

      She did Marry in the Early 1980s and Passed On in 1995, but my Wife and I thought that She was 54 when She Passed on. We were Lucky to have spent time with Duke and Pat in the 1970s. She went to work for Duke when She was 31 Years old and was the Last One To Talk to Him at His Passing 7 Years Later.

      She was Just About Everything Duke Wanted and Needed in a Woman at this time in His Life. She liked to travel with Him on Location and spend as Much Time With Him as Posible, something that Pilar did not like to do after the New had Worn Off.

      I am doing a Few Pages of a Bio. on Her for the 26 Bar Ranch Scrapbook, and am trying to get in touch with some of Her Family in Louisiana. I will keep You Posted after I get back from my Training Trip that I am Flying out for on Monday.

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      Thank you for your kindly welcome and all of your replies. I started wondering about what happened to Pat after reading about all of the activities surrounding the Duke's 100 year Birthday. Pat seemed to be a large part of the Duke's life. She seemed to fade from the public view after he book was published so I wondered what had happened to her.

      I was surprised to learn that she had died at such a young age from lung cancer. Pat does mention in her book that she had tried to quit smoking when the Duke was battling cancer but that the stress at the time caused her to light up again.

      Her book was very informative but I couldn't help wondering while reading it that the Wayne family probably would have preferred that the book not be published (because it contained such intimate details of the Duke's battle with cancer).

      On an unrelated note, did anyone see that the Duke is the featured cover story for Cowboys and Indians? I noticed the magazine at an airport on Friday. The link is at:
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      Cancer catches people at very young ages these days. I go on trips with my wife to cancer seminars and Institutes of Learning and it's amazing to see how it's getting people at all different ages. Cancer doesn't discriminate due to age that's why these days preventative measures or testing should be done if there is even a hint of symptoms. Duke wasn't that old when he fought his fight battle with it either. Smoking is such a waste and also triggers heart disease. I dad my first heart attack at 34 and I was a big smoker like Duke was. But I quit cold turkey.

      Duke: a Love Story; an Intimate Memoir of John Wayne's Last Years

      It was a good book...

      I'm trying to get a copy of that July issue of Cowboys/Indians. No one carries it in town here so I wrote the company for a copy.
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      You must remember that Duke Children that had much to do with Pat Stacy were just Young Teenagers at the time of Duke's Passing, I think Ethan was 16 or 17 at that time and Marisa was 13 and Aissa the Older Girl was I think 23 and Had Flown The Coop by the time Duke Passed On. So I guess Aissa Just Thought Duke Should be all Alone after Pilar Took Off ?

      The Older Children were Grown and were Doing their own Thing and I do not Most of them were seeing Pat Stacy very much, all But Maybe Pat Wayne that was Running Batjac for Duke.

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      Welcome Brent to the site, glad to have you aboard! I can't add anymore to what's been posted so I'll jump out now. :wink_smile:
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      I myself want to add my welcome to the board. Kevin said it best by saying I can't anything to what has been said, so enjoy and keep posting.

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

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