Pinned Duke's Movie True-Life Characters.

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    • Re: Duke's True-Life Characters.


      Good point about The First Rebel,
      and I would consider this a worthy addition
      to the 'Official' list


      OK, Arthur, let's have the name of the Centurion,
      so that I can verify it with Rome!
      Best Wishes
      London- England
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      BILL OF PA wrote:

      I could not find anything on a gen. michael randolph. but there is a randolph air not know if its the same was army air corp in WW11.:confused:

      Bill - Randolph AFB, just outside of San Antonio in Universal City, was named for William Millican Randolph, a pilot who was killed in a plane crash in the '20s. Still a very active military base which does extensive advanced flight training.
      Cheers - Jay:beer:
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      chester7777 wrote:

      Are we supposed to be guessing the seventh one :ohmy: ? As gt pointed out, there are only six in the first post.

      Was Duke's character in Cast a Giant Shadow, Gen. Mike Randolph, a real life person?

      Chester :newyear:

      I saw a publicity shot of Duke and Kirk on the set of Cast A Giant Shadow, and the blurb on the back stated that Duke's character was a composite of George Patton and Maxwell Taylor, both of whom played important rolls in Marcus' life. So we now know that Gen. Mike Randolph was not a real life person. Too bad...Duke made him real to us. :wink_smile:

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Duke's True-Life Characters.

      Under playing Historical Characters what about Capt. Karl Ehrlich In "The Sea Chase" I believe the real Capt. Ehrlich was demoted by the Nazi's to a Freighter Capt. and is in fact a real person.
    • Re: Duke's True-Life Characters.

      Hello ralphper. Do you know where you heard or read about a real Capt. Karl Ehrlich? I know the movie was based on a book, but I thought it was fiction. In the book, Ehrlich wants to get back to Germany so he can salvage his derailed Naval career and command a war ship for the Reich. I googled the name, but it just comes up with the character from the movie. It would be interesting to find out the truth.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Duke's True-Life Characters.

      I found this result for Sea Chase story. It is loosely based on true story but character played by John Wayne is more likely to be fictional than any real person.


      Greer, Andrew
      The Sea Chase, 1948 (The German freighter ERGENSTRASSE escapes from
      Australia before the outbreak of WW II. Unarmed, she is faced with the
      task of returning to Nazi Germany in the face of the Royal Navy's
      blockade. Made into a movie with John Wayne playing the part of the
      anti-Nazi German master, Karl Erlich. Loosely based on the story of the
      ERLANGEN, a German ship which left Dunedin at the outbreak of the war.
      She sailed to the Auckland Islands where they cut 500 tons of firewood
      (rata - well known as iron wood)! They finally made it to South
      America. Good movie, great book.)