Happy 25th Anniversary To Us

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  • It's time to update this thread.

    The Mrs. has stuck by me for another 5 years, and this year, we hit the 30 year mark!

    The big day was actually Monday of this week, and we had a VERY enjoyable dinner, compliments of our son's Little League.

    How is that, you say? Well, here's the story. Around the middle of June, at the Little League season closing ceremony, they had a raffle to raise some money for the league. Between the Mrs. and me, we bought six tickets. Out of the six, we won four things!

    One was two tickets to the Roaring Camp Railroad (featured in YouTube in Your Own Backyard - second one down in the first post). We took the whole family for Father's Day, and took the train that goes all the way to Santa Cruz. We've lived here for 25 years, but never taken the train to Santa Cruz. We got to see portions of the mountains only visible to hikers or passengers on that train. We all went on the log ride at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, then got back on the train for the ride back. It was great!

    One was for one large pizza, 4 salads, and 4 fountain drinks at Round Table Pizza. (We haven't used that one yet.)

    One was for Chili's restaurant - dinner for two, including appetizers, entrees, dessert, and one round of drinks. That was our anniversary dinner, and boy, was it good! We had a real nice time, without the kids, and had a real nice conversation with the manager, who turns out to be a long time cook and chili-lover.

    The last one was a certificate for a local golf course. Since we don't play golf, we gladly shared that one with our son's coach, who loves golf.

    I'd say we scored - BIG time!

    Is the secret to continued marital bliss membership on this message board? We have been around here for five years . . . .

    Chester :newyear:

  • congrats chester and mrs c 30 years and still going strong, it has to be this place that is the jam to your sandwich :wink_smile: . glad to see you had a wonderful time not only by yourselves but with the anklebiters as well

    cheers smokey
    ps chester playing golf destroys a good walk :shades_smile:

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  • Glad to see you both are celebrating your 30th Anniversary, Jim and Sue.
    Not many couples make this cause for celebration any more!

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"

  • A very hearty congratulations on 30 years together. I think that is awesome. Here's to another 30, eh?

    My parents will be celebrating their 50th in February. My Grandparents made it to their 72nd anniversary. So, you two better stay together another 43 to beat my family tree! lol


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  • My parents will be celebrating their 50th in February. My Grandparents made it to their 72nd anniversary. So, you two better stay together another 43 to beat my family tree! lol

    72nd anniversary????? that's awesome.

    The wife and I are hoping our health holds out long enough for our Golden Anniversary, which will be in two more years. If we make it, we've decided we'll celebrate with either an Alaskan cruise or a nationwide tour aboard AMTRAK. I prefer the train trip (I love trains) but she prefers the cruise. Soooooo - we'll see in two more years.

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  • Happy 30th anniversary Chester + Mrs
    Hope you have many more happy years together


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  • Hi

    Happy 30th Jim and Sue, We celebrated our 38th anniversary on July 11th this year. You wonder where the years have gone, when you realise that you have spent most of your adult life with the same person.



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  • Hi all,

    Happy 30th anniversary Jim and Sue.

    My wife and myself are just six months
    ahead of you. My, how time does fly
    when you are having fun :wink_smile::thumbs_up:


    I'll try one of those black beers....THE QUIET MAN.

  • Thanks, EVERYBODY, for your kind greetings!

    We have enjoyed learning more about you folks (family trees that include long marriages, how long others have been married, how some hope to celebrate a future "landmark" anniversary (Stumpy, why not both a train trip AND a cruise?), etc).

    We look forward to the next 30!

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

  • Jim and Sue that is awesome. You are great and deserve all the happiness. You have a great time and have many many more.

    Cheers :cool: Mike aka Hondo


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  • To Jim and Sue, happy 30th!!!!!!! And may you enjoy at least 40 more ;-)) A few years ago, some friends of mine in Germany celebrated thier Diamond anniversary.

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