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  • When I was 15 I watched "The Shootist" and I wondered how 6'4" John Wayne could have died of cancer when he seemed so indestructible. The problem was I had only seen movies he made after 1964 at that time, or earlier ones like "The Comancheros" where he only smoked cigars.

  • With respect to the cigarette ad, it just makes me want to :vomit:. Yuck! Cigarettes! And if I remember correctly, Camels were the ones without filters - one of the worst. And there's our man, bragging about smoking them for "the past twenty years." Unfortunately, he would rue the day . . . .

    Wow! Patty Reagan! I haven't thought about her in 20 years. Coincidentally, while up in Oregon recently, I bought a container of Boraxo soap, for the heavier jobs. The Mrs. says she remembers using Boraxo soap when she was little.

    And Jimmy Durante! I would have liked to see the end of that! :teeth_smile:

    Chester :newyear:

  • [extendedmedia]


    This was always one of my favorite songs. And let's face it, there's English and American icons participating. :teeth_smile:

    De gustibus non est disputandum