John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

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    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      arthurarnell wrote:


      As far as I am aware Duke only appeared once with Parkinson and yes I have the partial interview somewhere on tape.

      I think that a part of the interview consisted of Duke's thoughts on Hign Noon and Coopers throwing away his badge at the end of the film.



      Hello Arthur

      Thanks for that.

      Bob and I have been working on trying to get a definative list of JW TV appearances together. We have a bit more work to do but are hoping to be able to post it by end of January 2008.

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    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      I'm pretty sure that John Wayne only appeared on Parkinson once although a friend of mine disagrees and stated that he was on his programme at least twice but I think this is wrong.

      As I said previously John Wayne's answers to Parkinsons question were short, sharp and witty and on Parkinson the guest usually waffles on endlessly about themselves and this as we all know was no John Wayne's style.

      I also agree with Arther that its ludicrous for Parkinson to receive a knighthood for doing this show, the knighthood I am afraid is an honour that has been demeaned due to some of the undeserving recipients awarded it and Parkinson is one of them.

    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      I have a feeling JW was only on Parkinson once. If he did appear before this it must have been 1st series in 1971 which according to Parkinson were destroyed by BBC.

      To be honest Parkinson was past his best from mid to late 70s onwards and he will now trot off into the sunset. I think Michael Winner's comments about honours summed it up

      Lets hope the full interview of John Wayne will turn up in some kind of DVD release.

    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      Robbie wrote:

      He does not seem to have fond memories of this interview and it is certainly not amongst his favourites, perhaps he detested that fact that John Wayne's answers to his question were short, sharp and witty whereas most of Parkinsons guests like to overindulge their own self importance.

      I get such a kick out of your signature photo, Robbie.
      Wish I'd thought of it.

    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      Juniormike wrote:

      I guess I have a clip somewhere. I think he was there while filming BRANNIGAN in London. It was very funny. As I recall joking about his toupet (''It is hair. Not my hair but it is hair..'') and stuff.

      I know that he pulled that line out at Harvard....
    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      Interesting portion of the interview.

      People tend to forget that John Wayne was a VERY intelligent man, whoo, in his OWN way, refused to be lumped in with a certain group or "creed" if you will.

      He was also quite articulate.
    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      ethanedwards- Thanks, I appreciate this video and Duke keeping his cool. Was Parkinson good? Can a basic englishman
      understand american thinking on this, without taking a bit of time to read this information??
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    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      Parkinson was very popular over here in the U.K his talkshow was always the bench mark for all talkshows and I would compare him to perhaps a British Larry King or maybe Johnny Carson but his show didn't have anywhere near as much comedy as Carson. He had such a long career he became a household name here but I feel in that video it's clear he's baiting Duke for an angry reaction to get his own name in the paper or to make an incident of it, I lost some respect for him after that.
    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      The Irish Duke-
      Thanks for the answer. I agree with the baiting, but I thought he may have done that with many people.
      "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower
    • Re: John Wayne Michael Parkinson Interview

      He normally was very fair and was seen in some quarters as a kind of grandfather of british television having been on from the 60's till recently, to compare him to a British name more familiar with americans he would be quite similar to David Frost in style and presentation. I was actually suprised at the baiting he's had a few issues with interviewees over the years most famously Meg Ryan but he mostly was very nice and respectful to his guests, I imagine he had a bee in his bonnet about Wayne's politics or was told to make an issue of it by his superiors the things he says were very common questions posted to DUke at the time. There's an interview with Jimmy Stewart from a similar period and it's like watching a different guy doing the interviewing, whatever reason he was out for Duke that day. He seemed to well liked by most of those he interviewed and I think he's still quite firendly with the likes of Muhammed Ali and the comedian Billy Connolly.