John Wayne's favorite dog

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    • John Wayne's favorite dog

      Hello everyone
      Duke is sure to have loved dogs.
      It's well known that Duke was applied from the name of the dog he kept
      in his boyhood.
      and it is clear that he is accustomed to dog's handling when seeing in
      his movie staring with dog,for exsample, sam in Hondo, clancy in North to Alaska
      dog (a dog named DOG) in Big Jake and more・・・・・・.

      But in real life, What kind of dogs is Duke's favorite?
      hottweiler, mastif, airedale? Do you know?

      • DUKE DOG.JPG

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    • Re: John Wayne's favorite dog

      Not sure on the answer to this either but I do know that when he was married to Pilar his house burnt to the ground when her was away making a movie, the dog he had at that time barked so much when the fire started that it woke Pilar and the children and thus they safely evacuated the house. When Duke heard this he seen to it that the dog receive an extra steak for his dinner.

      Theres a great picture somewhere as well of Duke sleeping on a couch beside his brother and there is a small dog lying on him.

    • Re: John Wayne's favorite dog

      Let me apologize,if my thread confuses you.
      but,i love dogs.i keep pet dog.
      i think that dog is the best friend who heals our mind like cowboy's horses.

      Thanks your information.
      It was proven that Duke or his family had kept the dogs by your comment.

      BTW i fond an interesting site.
      by this site, Duke in boyhood had kept Airedale terrier.

    • Re: John Wayne's favorite dog

      H.sanada wrote:

      Let me apologize,if my thread confuses you.

      No reason to apologize - I'm sorry if my response confused you.

      It was interesting to me that this has not been a topic of much discussion until now.

      I, too, like dogs. It would be interesting to see how much we can find out about John Wayne and his dogs.

      Thanks, Robbie, for that story!!

      Chester :newyear: