John Wayne Airport in Danger??

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    • Boy, that was a hard read. No doubt it was written by a liberal who held no love for John Wayne. I hate when they hold people from the past up to today's standards. Different time and era. So, people take one article (the playboy interview) and form their opinion on it. They know nothing else about him or his life. Just the article.....and brand him a racist and a homophobe. Sad, really sad.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Agree, different era/time. Everything is aways black or white to some. No grey area. No ones life is that simple, black & white.
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    • Proud to say I was in and out of Duke's airport a month ago. Smokey Search Dog and I were down there on a search. Kevin, would still LOVE to get my Hawkswill account back, LOL! Sheesh, with THIS one, I am a PILGRIM! Lordy!

      As for Duke and what he said.........things are being taken out of context right and left these days. Georgia had to change their State Flag that I grew up with in the corner of the classroom where I said The Pledge of Allegiance every morning, Tampa lost a great tourist attraction to Cape Cod......the only existing authentic Pirate Ship,The Whydah, because in a very brief period of its history, it was used as a slave ship, and now, Duke may lose his Airport, to name JUST a few! You cannot CHANGE history, no matter what! Why change the way things actually were. Don't suppose there is anything we can do about it, though?????

      Hi All, have missed you, however, I have not been able to get on with my old account of Hawkswill seemingly only because I changed my email............anybody have a hint at how we can do it? Asked Kevin when I told him about Keith's death.....

      PILGRIM.........NOT! LOL, ;) KP
    • Email me at and I can reset your password.
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    • Good interview. I'm glad Ethan is getting out there and defending his father. In today's political climate, he is setting himself up as the target for doing such. Good for him!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • I love how they always completely leave out the part where he says that he thinks that education will be the key going forward for black people to achieve true equality. That part of the interview NEVER gets quoted or brought up by these people, because if it did, it would give a much fuller picture of the man and his beliefs.

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    • Working on the McLintock film set I saw John Wayne's incredible patience and hard work with performers, background extras and, especially the Native Americans who were bussed in from local Tucson Reservations. He was the actual Director of the film as he was with most of his movies. No one was more professional, kinder and accessible than John Wayne on the movie set. He ate meals with us at the picnic tables . . . no special treatment for this extremely hard worker. First on the set and last to leave. Not one Director I've worked under since then has had his kind of work and personable demeanor! (with apologies to Sam Raimi)
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    • I am completely beside myself. I really hope everyone rallies and keeps this from happening. Because if we're going to start lurking into the public statements of Hollywood its going to get ugly quick.

      Need we mention Eddie Murphy and his VERY popular Delirious comedy skit in the 80's that he carried into the 90's where he portrayed Mr T and Ralph Kramden as homosexuals and did so using the infamous F-word? I don't see any outrage over him. Nice double standard.

      And oh there's that little thing called Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast where they made racial jokes in the presence of black actors. Is his name going to get banned?

      You know there are things we can look back on and wish they could have said it better, but also we MUST own the times they were said in and apply CONTEXT to whether those statements were made with ill will behind them.

      I will NEVER see John Wayne as anything but an outstanding man who called it as he saw it and never looked at anyone as less than him. All he asked for is that people be ACCOUNTABLE.
    • Political correctness run amok. It’s been years in the making. John Wayne was no racist. We all on this forum know that, of course. But John Q. Public by and large does not do his homework- on anything. He is educated largely on sound-bytes. Sad. I understand that in the Playboy interview Wayne said he didn’t feel guilty over slavery. If that is what he said (I read the interview some time ago)-I agree. As a Caucasian I don’t feel guilt over it either. Neither should any living Caucasian. We are not responsible for anyone but for ourselves. John Wayne didn’t own slaves-why should he feel guilty about it? We are living in sad times.

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