The Alamo (1960)

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    • PW Stines wrote:

      That doesen't surprise me. In fact the left wingers claim that the Texas Revolution was fought for slavery. Pure BS! The majority of people who came to Texas in the early days were fairly poor. They had lost much property in the Panic of 1819 (an economic downturn partially from debts from the war of 1812) These immigrants were farmers, stock raisers and tradesmen who couldn't afford a slave even if they wanted them. True there would be some slave owners but the laws of Mexico at the time forbid slavery in Texas. They did allow "indentured servants" among the colonists but many native Mexicans were debt peons and bound to a master until said debt was paid and that often extended for generations. Too many teachers and professors still live in the 1960s and have this "I HATE AMERICA" attitude. Historical fact and reality don't enter their mind set.
      Thanks! I have read the claim that the main cause of the war was slavery.

      I have never seen the 2004 remake of "The Alamo", but I've heard it was revisionist and politically correct.

      I watched some early Rock Hudson films recently and it struck me that many could not be made today, like "Bengal Brigade" and "Taza, Son of Cochise".
    • I saw the Alamo remake. Wasn't impressed. They took pains to get the weaponry, clothing etc right but blew it after that. Poor casting in my book. Travis came across as a wimp. Bowie was a "wise ass" and nowhere like the real Bowie
      Quade was okay as Sam Houston but Santa Anna was old and pudgy. Santa Anna was in his prime in 1836. I can see why it didn't do well at the box office. Duke is probably smiling to himself over this flop of a remake.

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