Richard Widmark

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    • Re: Minnesota-born actor Richard Widmark dies

      Two of my favorite Widmark movies were "Down To The Sea In Ships" and "Take The High Ground". I especially liked the second because it also featured a young Karl Malden. Both of them were DIs training Army recruits at a post in El Paso and both were vying for the attention of some good-lookin' gal (Elaine somethin').
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    • Re: Minnesota-born actor Richard Widmark dies

      gt12pak wrote:

      Stumpy, I think they're showing one of your faves tonight.

      Thanks for the heads-up but unfortunately, I don't get the Turner movie channel. The wife and I hardly ever watch TV (except for the occasional local news or weather) so we don't subscribe to cable or satellite.
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    • Re: Minnesota-born actor Richard Widmark dies

      Take the High Ground was on last night and I finally got to see it all the way through. Usually I never catch it from the beginning. Anyway, Widmark and Malden were great in it as ell as Russ Tamblyn.
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    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Richard Widmark

      I've enjoyed all Widmark's films, and thought he was especially good in westerns. The Alamo is pretty much my favorite Wayne film, and Widmark as Bowie only added to my enjoyment. The scene where he dismounts and joins Laurence Harvey, when his character could have left, was priceless. You never would have guess he & Duke didn't get along from watching the film. True pros!
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Richard Widmark

      He was quite good in the Alamo, but he aged horribly by the time he did Murder on the Orient Express. I had to watch that twice in a row just to convince myself that was indeed Widmark.
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Richard Widmark

      "When casting the film,although Widmark, was not his first choice,
      Duke was initially elated, but this was to soon change.
      "Duke took out an ad, in a trade magazine, that hailed Widmark's acting skills,
      and it said in, big bold letters,


      From what I've read, that was another bit of urban legend. Richard Widmark went by "Dick" quite often and had no problem with it. Apparently the real problem occured
      well before production began. The story I heard went something like this: both Duke and Richard Widmark were friends of Olive Carey. One nite while Duke was visiting Olive Carey, Widmark stopped by. When Duke saw him, Duke said something derogatory about Widmark's role in Kiss of Death. Richard Widmark never forgot it and when the casting was being done for The Alamo, Duke offered Widmark Travis. Widmark wanted Bowie. Duke said something about how he wanted someone big in the role, and Widmark said "I can play big". Richard Widmark didn't really want to do the film originally, but was between work at that time, and took it grudgingly. They DID seem to keep things professional on the set tho for the most part.
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Richard Widmark

      richard widmark was a class act in his films.he hardly made a bad movie.he was in some of the great westerns like yellow sky,the last wagon,backlash and of course the alamo.
      in the last wagon, he didnt speak until 15 mins into the film.the western showed how good an actor he was especially when he didnt speak for about 15 mins that he had great presents on of my favourite actors