The High Chaparral (1967-1971)

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    Information From IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Big John, aided by brother Buck and son Billy Blue, are
    the Cannon family who run the High Chaparral Ranch in the Arizona Territory in 1870s.
    Big John wants to establish his cattle empire despite Indian hostility.
    When Blue's mother was killed (in the first episode) John united his family
    with the powerful Montoyas by marrying their daughter Victoria
    (whose brother Manolito now lives with them as well)
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    Series Cast
    Leif Erickson ... Big John Cannon (97 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Cameron Mitchell ... Buck Cannon (97 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Henry Darrow ... Manolito Montoya (97 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Linda Cristal ... Victoria Cannon (97 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Mark Slade ... Billy Blue Cannon (80 episodes, 1967-1970)
    Don Collier ... Sam Butler / ... (62 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Robert F. Hoy ... Joe Butler (62 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Roberto Contreras ... Pedro (59 episodes, 1967-1971)
    Ted Markland ... Reno (35 episodes, 1967-1969)
    Rodolfo Acosta ... Vaquero (22 episodes, 1967-1969)
    Jerry Summers ... Ira (20 episodes, 1967-1968)
    Frank Silvera ... Don Sebastian Montoya (14 episodes, 1967-1970)
    also, many more, including
    Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez,Paul Fix, Ricardo Montalban

    Series Directed
    Richard Benedict (4 episodes, 1967-1968)
    William Witney (4 episodes, 1967-1968)
    William Wiard (4 episodes, 1970)
    and many more....

    Filming Locations
    Billie Burke home, Tarrytown, New York, USA
    Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Coronado National Forest, Arizona, USA
    Old Tucson - 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA
    Red Rock Canyon State Park - Highway 14, Cantil, California, USA
    San Bernardino National Forest, California, USA
    Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park - 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce, California, USA

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  • The High Chaparral is an American Western-themed television series starring
    Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell which aired on NBC from 1967 to 1971.
    The series, made by Xanadu Productions in association with NBC Productions,
    was created by David Dortort, who had previously created the hit Bonanza for the network.
    The theme song was also written and conducted by Bonanza scorer David Rose,
    who also scored the two-hour pilot.

    Great family seriies, well acted and well scripted.
    Leif Erickson, as Big John,
    and a superb Cameron Mitchell,
    as probably one of the most memorable characters, in westerns
    Uncle Buck!!! We all remember him!!
    WOW, what about Linda Cristal,
    boy wasn't she something special,
    well for the men folk members, I guess!


    The High Chaparral was Dortort's brainchild, and he left the day-to-day running of Bonanza in the spring of 1967 so he could focus all of his energies on The High Chaparral. After the show's cancellation in 1971, Dortort did not return to Bonanza, but retired instead. When David Dortort was casting The High Chaparral in 1967, Nino Cochise asked for the part of Cochise. Nino was the grandson of the Cochise of the Apache wars. Born in 1874, Nino was 92 years old at his casting call, missing one leg, and needed to be helped into and out of the saddle; but he won the role.

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  • Loved the show. The first time I got to watch it was when I was in the hospital back about 1885 w/ Double Pneumonia. It was shown every day just before Alias Smith and Jones and the Barbara Stanwyck series that I can't think of the name to.

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  • This is the best site I've found for one of my favorite TV Westerns.

    Buried within the site is a link purporting to be an explanation from some lawyer in which he says "when, not if" the copyright issues are resolved, we'll have DVDs of the show. Well, that little speech was made in 2006 and we still ain't got DVDs of this great Western.

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  • Have to admit I was always amazed that the cattle could find pasture to eat as the shots of the range always looked so barren.

    Great cast it would be nice if it was released on DVD.

  • I can't believe it - those idiots in Hollyweird are finally going to release one of my all-time favorite Westerns on DVD. I've been waiting for this for many years. A funny yet sad tale of the passing of the Old West.

    Now if they'd just get around to releasing "High Chaparral", my Western collection would be pretty well complete.

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  • this is one of my favourite western had everything,good story lines,good cast and good my opinion it was a better series than bonanza.

  • in my opinion it was a better series than bonanza.

    Almost every television series I've ever watched had both good episodes and lousy episodes, including "High Chaparral" and "Bonanza".

    Usually, the writers for TV series run out of ideas and the longer a series runs, the worse the episodes get. For instance, when "Miami Vice" first came on the air, it quickly became one of my all-time favorite cop shows. I thought Don Johnson was about the coolest dude who ever carried a badge. But by the 4th or 5th season, the episodes were so bad I stopped watching it. And although I've bought the entire series on DVD, my mind hasn't changed.

    I think the only TV series I ever liked from beginning to end, without exception, was "Police Story" another cop show that began back in the Seventies and that was inspired by Joseph Wambaugh, the former LA cop who became a fairly prominent author. He wrote "The New Centurions", which was also made into a movie starring George C. Scott.

    Let's face it, the "Gunsmokes" and "Bonanzas" are few and far between.

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  • I was hooked on HC at the beginning, but I stopped watching it toward the end. Loved the cast tho-never was a fan of Leif Erickson til I saw him on this, and he did a great job, as did the rest of the cast.

    On the other hand, Miami Vice never appealed to me-seemed a complete ripoff of the Nick Nolte/Eddie Murphy "48 hours" characters and I just couldn't get past that.

    Police Story was undeniably one of TVs greats. Wish they'd rerun it-

  • never liked mami vice,just could'nt get into it.the high chapperal had better production value's and 90% of it was done on location.with bonanza most af it was done on a soundstage.the production is not as good as the high chapperal.

  • Was Cameron Mitchell in The High Chaparral? I think he was my favorite character but I can't remember who he played (if it actually was him).

    yes oliver he was in the high chaparral,he played buck cannon,the brother of john cannon.

  • C'mon, Hollywood, hurry up and release it on DVD while I'm still around to enjoy it again.

    I swear, I can never understand the thinking of those in the movie and TV business who delay and delay the release of movies and TV shows that are so popular. They could make MORE millions right quick.

    As an aside, I just learned that in September, two of my favorite TV cop shows will be released on Region One DVDs. Season Two of "Kojak" and Season One of "Police Story". They're a bit late on the "Kojak" release though as I already bought Seasons 2 and 3 from Amazon UK. Thank goodness for multi-regional DVD players.

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