Aissa Wayne

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    • Aissa Wayne

      Aissa_MBD.jpg AISSA WAYNE

      Date of Birth
      31 March 1956
      Burbank, California, USA

      Thomas A. Gionis (1985 - 1988) (divorced) 1 child
      Earl Lawrence Kuhle II (? - ?) (divorced) 2 children

      Sister of Ethan Wayne and Marisa Wayne

      Daughter of John Wayne and Pilar Wayne

      Half-sister of Michael Wayne, Patrick Wayne, Toni Wayne, and Melinda Wayne

      Aunt of Brendan Wayne

      Niece of Robert E. Morrison

      Now an attorney in Los Angeles.

      Daughter, Anastasia Pilar Gionis (born February 14, 1987),
      with her ex-husband, Thomas A. Gionis.

      Jennifer Wayne

      The Alamo (1960) $250/week

      Duke was not bothered about having a second family
      until on march 31 1956, Aissa Maria was born!
      It made Duke feel young and virile again.

      Pilar Wayne said,
      She was the most spoiled child
      upsetting Duke's older children.

      On January 14, 1958, Aissa had a lucky escape.
      Blackie the family dog alerted Pilar that the house was on fire.
      Pilar made a rush for Aissa's room and found the hall filled with smoke.
      She grabbed the baby from the crib, and carried Aissa to saftey.

      Aissa was to spend much of her childhood,
      both being in some of her farher's movies,
      and on location with Duke, on many more

      Duke was an adoring father showering Aissa with toys and gifts.
      She found growing up in Hollywood royalty,
      made her lonely, and unless out at school,
      she felt the high walled family home, more like a prison.

      Her father tried to instill all his beliefs of
      being the clean all American family,
      which Aissa found difficult to live with,
      surrounded by long haired college friends!
      By the early 1970's, she became more brazen,
      Unknown to the press or my Dad,
      Aissa said,
      I experimented with diet pills, marjuana, and getting arrested
      Aissa, and her firends like most at her age,
      had their moments, off too much drinking.
      at one point, she even allowed a drunken friend
      to drive her Porsche, with the result of wrecking it.
      Duke adored his daughter so much, he hadn't got the heart to ground her,
      instead, told her how much he loved her and forgot about it.

      After divorcing tennis player, Lornie Kuhl,
      Aissa married, orthopedic surgeon, Thomas A Gionis,
      but became embroiled in a bitter custody dispute,
      over their daughter Anastasia,
      when the couple seperated in 1988.
      In October of that year, Aissa and her boyfriend,
      millionaire Roger Luby, were attacked by two gunmen,
      inside the garage of Luby's Newport Beach home.
      Gionis was accused of ordering the attack,
      was arrested, and in 1992, convicted
      and sentenced to five years in prison.
      It was then Aissa became a prosecutor
      and moved to Pacific Palisades.

      Pilar said at the time.
      If he (Duke) had been alive, when Aissa was attacked,
      he would have been out on the streets, with a gun,
      whether, he was right or wrong!

      It was Aissa, who doubted that Duke,
      was in control, when shortly before
      he passed aweay, he became a Catholic.
      She considered him, too heavily drugged
      to make that decision.

      Aissa Wayne is now a successful attorney in Los Angeles.
      and you can click directly to her business web-site, below:-

      Law Offices Of Aissa Wayne
      Written By ethanedwards


      1. McLintock! (1963) .... Alice Warren
      2. Donovan's Reef (1963) (uncredited) .... Native girl
      3. The Comancheros (1961) (uncredited) .... Bessie Marshall
      4. The Alamo (1960) .... Lisa Angelica Dickinson

      Her book
      John Wayne: My Father
      is an interesting read, and highly recommended.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Family Pals Of The Saddle- Aissa Wayne

      Aissa Wayne had support roles, in 4 of her fathers movies.
      They were sugary parts, with her portrayal
      of Lisa Dickensen, in The Alamo
      being particularly sugary and cute.YUK!
      However, she is now successful, as an Attorney.


      Her book,
      John Wayne: My Father
      is an interesting read, and highly recommended.

      Aissa wrote.
      Like so many men of his generation, my father believed if a man
      was to call himself as a man, he must wear a kind of armour,
      male and destructible, that concealed his fears and deepest feelings from his family.

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Daughters- Aissa Wayne

      Aissa's book was of particular interest to me, as I was born in the same year, so could relate to some of the things she wrote about, and the times in which she grew up.

      I didn't know about all of the "drama" in her early adult life. Who is Jennifer's father? One of the men mentioned above, or someone else. Or is Jennifer really Anastasia? The time frame would appear to be right. Do you know if Aissa had any other children?

      Not that any of this is really my business, but I am curious now that it's being mentioned.

      Mrs. C :angel1:
    • Re: Duke's Daughters- Aissa Wayne

      I have now edited more information into
      Aissa's Biography, and it makes interesting reading.

      Left to right, Patrick Wayne; Marisa Wayne ; Ethan Wayne; USPS CFO Richard Strasser;and Aissa Wayne; Melinda Wayne Munoz.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Daughters- Aissa Wayne

      I picked up Aissa's book about her Dad a couple of years ago and it is
      a great read.It shows John Wayne not only as the film icon we all
      know and love but as a Dad and family man.
      Aissa's book describes an ordinary family life lived under extraordinary
      Above all, it came across as a memoir of a daughter who loved her father
      and was very proud of him and his accomplishments.
      I highly recommend this book to all John Wayne fans.
    • Re: Duke's Daughters- Aissa Wayne

      Here's a scene that was ultimately cut from The Alamo. I think this is the most I've ever heard Aissa speak in one of her dad's films. She was only four years old when The Alamo was made!


      P.S. I noticed that Robbie posted this scene, with others, in the YT forum, with other cut scenes from the same movie.

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