3. Pilar Palette

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    • 3. Pilar Palette


      Information From IMDb

      Date of Birth
      3 September 1928, Peru

      Birth Name
      Pilar Palette

      Richard Weldy (m. 1948; div. 1953)
      John Wayne (m. 1954; his death 1979)
      Stephen Stewart (m. 1984; div. 1997)
      Jesse L. Upchurch (m. 1998)

      Mother of Ethan Wayne, Aissa Wayne and Marisa Wayne.

      Alternate Names: Pilar Palette

      Born into an upper class family, the daughter of a Peruvian senator,
      Pilar wanted to pursue acting. She met John Wayne,
      29 years her senior, in Lima, Peru in 1953,
      while he was scouting locations for ”The Alamo."
      In 1953, Pilar came to Los Angeles to dub a film in English,
      when she ran into John Wayne for the second time.
      A year later on November 1, 1954, the very day Wayne's divorce became final,
      at sunset in Kona, Hawaii, they exchanged their vows and became husband and wife.
      Pilar retired from her motion picture career to dedicate herself completely to being
      a wife and mother to their three children: Aissa, Ethan, and Marisa.
      During the next ten years of their marriage,
      they traveled extensively to practically every corner of the world,
      usually on location for John Wayne's many films.
      In 1965, they decided they wanted to live near the ocean and close to their yacht,
      "The Wild Goose." They moved to Newport Beach, California.
      John Wayne kept up his hectic schedule with making movies.
      Pilar found it increasingly difficult to travel with him,
      and at the same time take care of the home and children.
      The children grew up fast, and Pilar decided to do something
      she had always had a great love for—interior designing.
      She found it necessary to find a location to work from,
      and rented a studio inside the Fernleaf Courtyard,
      in Corona Del Mar, California.
      The place was so charming that she could entertain her clients
      outdoors with coffee and finger sanwiches and found herself,
      one year later, with a full-time, elegant restaurant.
      John Wayne was proud of her undertaking. After a long and painful illness,
      John Wayne passed away on June 11, 1979.

      In 1998, Pilar married Jesse Upchurch, a travel company executive.
      Pilar followed her passion of painting and has created among other works of art,
      a collection of still nature and beautiful ladies, Belly Dancers called "Glamour Girls",
      as well as group images from the Hollywood world.
      Information From Wikipedia

      1. The Alamo (1960) (uncredited)

      1. "Biography" (acknowledgment) (1 episode, 1998)
      - John Wayne: American Legend (1998) TV episode (acknowledgment)

      1. "Biography" .... Herself (1 episode, 1998)
      - John Wayne: American Legend (1998) TV episode .... Herself
      2. John Wayne Standing Tall (1989) (TV) .... Herself

      "John Wayne: My Life with the Duke." New York: McGraw-Hill, 1987.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Wives- Pilar Palette

      Once upon a time in Peru, in the summer of '52,
      Pilar Palette, was filming a dance sequence.
      I was dancing barefoot by firelight,wearing a low-cut gypsy costume
      Pilar remembered.
      She was flushed and out of breath when introduced to Duke,
      and her long hair fell around her shoulders.
      Duke was charmed by this Latin beauty,
      and she thought him the handsomest, most overpowering man,
      she had ever met.
      I couldn't believe anyone's eyes, could be so turquoise
      Pilar said
      I'd never been so immediately and powerfully affected with a man,
      the way I was by my meeting with John Wayne...
      Something elemental about the man, a sense of great strength, appealed to me

      Pilar was married at the time, but seperated.
      At dinner, that evening, she found it difficult talking to Duke,
      but finally in faltering English, she said,
      You were wonderful in For Whom The Bell Tolls
      Duke gave her his lopsided grin, for mistaking him
      for his friend Gary Cooper!

      Duke never tired of her dignified bearing, her classic face,
      her huge dark eyes, and her slender figure.
      The black haired beauty Peruvian beauty,
      clearly made an impression on him that was to last for years.
      Pilar and the children, spent many years on location with
      the Duke, and they enjoyed an enduring marriage

      As Duke became seriously ill, Pilar kept her distance,
      although the children kept her informed as to her husband's condition.
      In one of their last meetings, Duke said to his estranged wife,
      Promise that you'll take care of the kids.
      They're going to need you
      Duke continued to speak fondly of Pilar,
      and in his own way, understood why she had left him
      She's a fine woman
      he told Barbara Waters
      She's the mother of my children.
      We lost contact.Completely lost contact
      Pilar dedicated her book to Duke, referring to him as
      the most admirable human being, I have ever met
      After Duke passed away, the rift between Duke's two families widened.

      Pliar wrote,
      Since Duke passed away his oldest son Michael,
      has seemed to grow much colder toward me, and I have felt
      excluded from all events, commemorating my husbands memory...
      It seemed to me that Michael pretended I didn't exist.

      Although Pilar had never met Josephine,
      Duke's first four children, had been in out of Duke's home,
      and Pilar felt close to them.
      We did everything possible, to be a family
      She said
      I never thought we would ever part, but the minute that Duke was buried,
      they all turned on me, like snakes.
      I don't think they ever accepted the fact, that Duke had a second family.

      Pilar made these statements just after Duke passed away.
      It would appear that more recently, there has been
      a coming together of the families,
      particularly with the Centenery Birthday gatherings,
      and the events surrounding that.
      Whether the togetherness was for public show,
      or for real, remains to be seen.

      Pilar said of Duke
      Duke loved this land of ours,
      and his movies, reflected that love
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Wives- Pilar Palette

      I must say that he may had trouble in love, but he sure did pick some beautiful women. Looking at the three, I can understand what he saw, just needed to be patient in the courting process. He might had a more stable married life if he did.

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Re: Duke's Wives- Pilar Palette

      Found this interesting post that Kevin,
      placed last year.
      Now that we have a 'Pilar' thread,
      I thought it might be good to be also copied here.

      Old November 23rd, 2007

      Pilar's House is on the market

      Found some more family news today, Pilar is looking to sell her house in Fort Worth, Tx. See the article below.

      Pilar Wayne, the widow of John Wayne, is trying to sell her Fort Worth, Texas, home for just $100,000 more than what it cost back in 1998.
      The Peruvian-born actress, who was married to the Duke for 25 years until his death in 1979, has cut her asking price to $2.3 million, from $2.6 million when she listed it this summer.

      The home is in a roughly 700-acre gated community, Mira Vista, in the southwestern part of the city. Ms. Wayne's current husband, Jesse Upchurch, chairman of travel-agency network Virtuoso, paid about $2.2 million for the newly built house on a half-acre in 1998, records show.

      The 9,000-square-foot house has six bedrooms, one of which Ms. Wayne uses as an art studio (she sells her oil paintings). There's also a pool, a hot tub, an elevator and five fireplaces and it's adjacent to a Tom Weiskopf-designed golf course.
      The couple live full-time in Irvine, Calif. -- not too far from Newport Beach, where the actor and Ms. Wayne mainly lived when not aboard his yacht, the Wild Goose. DeeAnn Moore, of Mira Vista Realtors, has the listing.

      -Wall Street Journal
      Sounds like it's in a very nice area, no pictures of the house/property
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Duke's Wives- Pilar Palette

      InHarmsWay wrote:

      1936? I had thought she was born in the latter part of the 20;s...maybe 1928?


      IHW, Thanks for bringing this up.
      I had another look at what you mentioned,
      and I found another source that states, indeed 1928.
      I am inclined to agree with you, and go along with that,
      and have ammended Pilar's profile accordingly.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Duke's Wives- Pilar Palette

      It is interesting a youngster growing up in Iowa, then later in California, so I guess the west coast had a greater impact on him with the women he was attracted too.
      He did like the pretty Latino blooded women, it would have been nice to have an autobiography to find out in his own words what drew him to these women of Latino ethnicity.
    • Re: Duke's Wives- Pilar Palette

      Hi everyone i m new here. I was wondering if anyone knows any information on paintings by pilar wayne. I have a painting on canvas by pilar wayne of john wayne. I need to sell this for my family is going through some financial problems. Im looking for any help anyone could give me. Thank you so much for your time.
    • Original painting by pilar of john wayne

      Hi everyone i m new here. I was wondering if anyone knows any information on paintings by pilar wayne. I have a painting on canvas by pilar wayne of john wayne. I need to sell this for my family is going through some financial problems. Im looking for any help anyone could give me. Thank you so much for your time.
    • Re: Original painting by pilar of john wayne

      It depends if it is an original, or a limited edition made from the original, or a 'mass made' copy. If you think it is one of the first two you need to get it professionally valued.

      As a guide, the Andy Warhol painting of Duke from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance sells for several thousands.


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