Jennifer Wayne

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    • Jennifer Wayne



      With Uncles Patrick and Ethan

      Date of Birth
      April 1st. 1982

      Daughter of Aissa Wayne

      Grandaughter of John and Pilar Wayne

      Neice of Michael Wayne, Patrick Wayne, Melinda Wayne,
      Toni Wayne, Ethan Wayne and Marisa Wayne

      The newest transplant to the Nashville country pop scene
      as singer and songwriter is a statuesque blonde beauty named Jennifer Wayne,
      a protégée of iconic star-finder Merv Griffin.

      She was managed by Caresse Henry, another well-respected star-builder
      (Madonna and Jessica Simpson, among other powerhouse performers).
      Even before her first album debuts, Jennifer has been signed as a BMI artist
      and the powerhouse Creative Artists talent agency (CAA)
      has taken her on as a client.

      At 24, Jennifer already understands the perks and perils of stardom.
      The granddaughter of the legendary John Wayne and his Peruvian wife Pilar,
      Jennifer has been influenced by Duke Wayne’s larger-than-life presence
      even though he died three years before her birth.
      Family lore tells of life on location, life aboard his refitted mine sweeper,
      and the romantic tale of how he fell in love with Pilar on a movie set in Peru
      when he heard the beautiful young actress playing flamenco guitar and singing.
      Growing up in Las Vegas and around Newport Beach in Orange County, California,
      Jennifer was given her first guitar and first lessons by her grandmother,
      with whom she remains very close.

      A talented tennis player, she first attended USC
      where she majored in art history and studied vocal performance,
      and then went on to UC Santa Barbara on a full tennis scholarship.
      She won the Nevada State Tennis Championship and was
      ranked 1 in doubles, 3 in singles, and 11 in doubles nationwide
      before becoming the pro at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club.

      During her school years, she formed a band with world-class tennis players,
      Bob and Mike Bryan, and the trio traveled around the world performing
      at tennis tournaments.

      After graduation, she continued to work on her music
      and eventually recorded a three-song demo with the help of pros like
      Peter Amato, Ron Harris and Ty Stevens.
      When she played it for Merv Griffin, an old friend of her grandfather
      who started as a singer himself, he told her she would be a star
      with the right team behind her. .

      Well-known for his “third eye” in finding and nurturing talent like
      Richard Pryor, Whitney Houston, Lily Tomlin, Steve Martin,
      and Ryan Seacrest, Merv created a new Griffin Group entity,
      Coconut Productions, to produce Jennifer’s first album.
      He put her together with Grammy-winning producer/performer
      Carl Jackson to arrange the songs and lyrics that she is polishing.
      They have laid down some initial tracks at Station West in Nashville,
      which have caused great excitement at several major labels.
      The album will be ready later in 2007, which Jennifer feels is particularly
      auspicious since this is the John Wayne Centennial Year.
      To mark his 100th birthday,
      I’ve written a song which I dedicate to him called God Bless John Wayne.
      It’s based it on a fan letter my grandfather received right before he died.
      At one point early in her relationship with Merv Griffin,
      Jennifer had a crisis of confidence.
      Merv got me back on track
      by playing a clip from his talk show of John Wayne singing The Shadow of Your Smile.
      My grandfather sang off-key but with great conviction.
      Merv said to me, ‘Just tell everyone you come from a long line of singers
      and then show them this. It will definitely break the ice!
      Written By Jennifer Wayne

      Jennifer can also be heard at the birthday celebration,
      singing 'God Bless, John Wayne,
      Introduced by her Uncle, Patrick Wayne.
      Click below:-

      Jennifer Wayne sings- God Bless John Wayne


      Jennifer is a very talented artist,
      and I believe she has the voice,
      personality, and looks,
      to be a star on the country circuit,
      in her own rights.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Talented Grandchildren- Jennifer Wayne

      Is there an album out yet? For some of you younger ones out there, Is there a CD out yet?

      Cheers :cool:

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Re: Duke's Talented Grandchildren- Jennifer Wayne

      I actually find her quiet attractive, no so much in that video, but with some of the pictures. She does look like her mother. A younger version of Aissa. As for her singing, she does have a very nice voice. I like what she sings. I liked the songs she sung on the Myspace site. Love to hear more. Thanks keith for the info.

      Cheer :cool:

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote

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    • Re: Duke's Talented Grandchildren- Jennifer Wayne

      Robbie wrote:

      Folks I think you have picked up my sense of humour (or lack of it) wrong, Jennifer epitomises beauty, she is absolutely stunning.


      Oh boy, you got us on that one, Robbie. I thought we were going to have to get you glasses. lol Good one, buddy!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Duke's Talented Grandchildren- Jennifer Wayne

      Robbie wrote:

      Jennifer is rather average looking.:agent:

      dukefan1 wrote:

      I'll take that "average looking" any day. I think she is quite a beautiful woman. And she can sing. :thumbs_up:

      William T Brooks wrote:

      I agree with You, and I guess I do not know what these Young People Think is Good Looking anymore !!!

      ejgreen77 wrote:

      Nothing wrong with Jen from where I stand. :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

      Hondo Duke Lane wrote:

      I actually find her quiet attractive . . .

      Robbie wrote:

      Folks I think you have picked up my sense of humour (or lack of it) wrong, Jennifer epitomises beauty, she is absolutely stunning.:agent:

      Looks like you got us BIG time, Robbie! :biggrin:

      This is one case where being in the same room and hearing the tone of voice would make all the difference in the world in getting the "joke." I know when I read your first remark, I was wondering what you were thinking, or if you were on something.

      Good one!

      Chester :newyear:

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    • Re: Duke's Talented Grandchildren- Jennifer Wayne

      And This No Joke !
      Out Here in The Southwest and John Wayne Country a Joke Like That Could Get You In A Lot Of Trouble !
      As Duke Said Years ago, there is a Lot Of Sand Out Here In Arizona, and They Might Just Dig You Up In a Few Thousand Years as a Fosail if You Talk Bad About Any Of My Family !!!