Jennifer Wayne

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    • Re: Duke's granddaughter Jennifer

      The Irish Duke wrote:

      I wish her luck, I can imagine what Duke would have thought of reality tv :lol

      Heh heh, just ask Clint Eastwood on the reality TV thing. He's the closest living person that can be compared to Duke.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

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    • Morgan, Wayne get engaged
      Monday, January 2, 2017 – William Michael Morgan and Jennifer Wayne, a member of Runaway June, got engaged at the end of 2016.

      Wayne, who is the granddaughter of late western John Wayne, posted on Twitter, "It's you and me... Forever :)." An accompanying photo shows them with their hands clasped.

      Morgan, a native of Vicksburg, Miss., released an EP and his debut disc last year. he also enjoyed a hit single with "I Met a Girl."

      Wayne is one of three principals of Runaway June. The trio released a single, "Lipstick," on Wheelhouse Records.Wayne previously was in the trio Stealing Angels. She also co-wrote Eric Paslay's top 20 hit "She Don't Love You."

      Morgan has a daughter, Presley, who was born last year.
    • Jennifer Wayne will be singing with her new band "Runaway June" on her grand father's Yacht on John Wayne Day in Newport Beach. Her Band has gone a long way now and is a top band to watch and named the "future of country music!" Hornblower is selling tickets to this once in a lifetime event!

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