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  • Jim Brown, legendary running back, civil rights activist, (with the great Richard Boone) co-star of ‘Rio Conchos,’ and star of ‘100 Rifles’ dies at the grand age of 87. “Brown parlayed his athletic fame into stardom in Hollywood, where it was thought that he could become the black John Wayne“:

    Jim Brown: Last Man Standing - Edge of Sports
    A unique biography of Jim Brown—football legend, Hollywood star, and controversial activist


  • Walked into a beach bar back in the late seventies and listened to him play guitar an sing while sitting on a stool with a fish bowl for tips on the floor.

    He was going thru some hard times but the place was packed , and the beer was cold.

    Couldn't remember the name of the place if I had too, but now days, even locating the car keys seems more difficult than it used to be.

    Some one keeps moving things that I set down.

    Have to admit, I really didn't know who he was at the time.

    Thirty years later became a parrot head and even went to one of his concerts in Pittsburg.

    He helped a lot of new artist get started , and his Margaritaville radio station has always been a favorite.

    Fins up and may he sail on forever.