The Wild Bunch (1969)

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    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- The Wild Bunch (1969)

      Thought I posted this yesterday......showed I did, must have gotten lost somehow. Anyway, don't know if this is on here somewhere, but thought I would send it for certain fans, just in case. Got an email from Mike Siegal about doing the review for Scott's Three Bad Men. I had sent him a picture of me and David Janssen because I was telling him of my collaboration with Chris helping him fill in David's timeline and him sending me some never seen pics of David playing golf with our buddy Jack Quigley. So, this is the mail he sent back:

      Hi Keith,

      I'm a bit behind with my mail, we have nightmarish weather conditons.
      It is extremely hot + unbelievable heavy rains. Our basement was
      flooded twice in a matter of 10 days. Heavy damage.

      I'll be back..

      But the answer is YES, of course I will review it. As long as
      'real' books exist, I won't touch an e-book, PDF or what have you.
      It's just not for me, I just have too much respect for books and the printed
      word. To me it would be like watching Lawrence Of Arabia on a smart phone..

      Somehow I'm sure I have one or two of Scott's books here. Karloff maybe, I have to check---

      Thanks for the picture! You surely are the most beautiful Keith I ever saw!


      PS: My book on Peckinpah is in German language. But I made a feature length documentary
      in English language about him, which also played at US festivals..
      My first English book was published in the US two years ago, 'Steve McQueen - The Actor & His Films'.

      here's me at the Mexican location for THE WILD BUNCH:

      Don't know why the URL way won't work anymore.....can't make photobucket work either. I had taught Bill, (Gorch), the new way at first, but now, he can't make it work either. Talked to him on the phone last night.......he says he had just about quit......too much trouble. Well, I hate to see the little numbers on the picture, but I can't get it in any other way. If any of yall know the secret, I would be happy to know. Also really miss Bill's pictures. Thanks, KEITH
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE
    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- The Wild Bunch (1969)

      Off-topic I know, but lasbugas seems to post OK,
      and I don't find a problem, I copied your image,
      uploaded it to Photobucket and hey presto!!

      How to Post Photographs/ Images
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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