Wild Goose yacht evacuated during small fire

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  • The yacht, once owned by actor John Wayne, sustained minor damage, preliminary reports suggest.


    NEWPORT BEACH Firefighters evacuated passengers from the "Wild Goose" yacht Sunday after a small fire was reported in the exhaust stack, Newport Beach Fire Department spokeswoman Jennifer Schulz said."

    It was a very little fire but the potential was there for it to be something," she added.At about 2 p.m. Sunday, firefighters got a call about smoke coming from a vessel once owned by legendary actor John Wayne, Schulz said.

    The yacht's captain noticed a problem and got it back to dock. Schulz said. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within moments but had to evacuate the passengers and crew because the boarding steps had sustained damage from getting the vessel back to dock, Schulz said.

    It's unclear how many people evacuated the boat, she added. The vessel sustained minor damage, Schulz said.

    The Wild Goose is operated by Hornblower Cruises and Events. It was once a 1942 minesweeper which John Wayne bought in 1965, according to the company's Web site.

    - Orange County Register

  • The Wild Goose used to be berthed in front of the Duke's house in the neighborhood I grew up. It's a beautiful vessel, so glad to hear the damage was minimal!

    And regarding Kevin's comment: After the Duke passed away I remember hearing vague rumors that the boat was haunted, and you could hear the sound of boots with spurs walking the floorboards when no one was there. I don't generally believe in that sort of thing, but it was fun to imagine when I was little :)

    Thanks for posting the article Kevin!


  • It was once a 1942 minesweeper which John Wayne bought in 1965

    Wonder if it's possible to determine the minesweeper's WW2 name or bow number? My favorite uncle served aboard a minesweeper in the Pacific during WW2 and that would be a thrill to discover that he served aboard the same boat Big John bought.

    He's long dead but my cousins (his kids) are naturally still alive and they'd probably get a kick out of knowing the same information.

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  • Hi Jim

    Information from On Board with Duke states she was commissioned in 1943 and was stationed off Alaska for duration of war and decommissioned in 1948.

    No ship number is mentioned but she had the same design as YMS class of minesweeper.


  • I doubt that she was my uncle's boat, Mike, since you said she was commissioned in 1943 and stationed off Alaska for the duration. My uncle served in the western Pacific and in fact, went ashore in Japan when the war ended.

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  • Its great that a piece of the legend was not badly damaged or lost for ever.We need things today to remind us that the legend is still around and that we still think about the greatest cowboy of all times.Its really great theGoose was not badly damaged and no one was hurt. Lo g live the DUKE in our minds and hearts.:wink_smile::hyper:Happy New Year Duke Fans Every Where:hyper:

  • Happy New Year and WELCOME to the Original John Wayne Message Board, herbert welborn!! Congratulations on getting your feet wet and making your first post!

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  • Hello and welcome to the board, herbert welborn. I hope you make yourself at home. As for the Wild Goose, I'm glad it didn't suffer too much damage. While it has been modernized and changed to accomidate tour groups and partys since the days Duke walked its deck, it is still the boat he loved so much. It would have been a pitty to lose it.


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  • The Wild Goose is fine and still in perfect shape. I am a current crew member on the yacht and would like to dispell any rumors that the vessel suffered damage from the incident. She had heat build up in the smoke stack and that resulted in some hot embers falling on a canopy. The worst of the damage was small "cigarette" size burns on a canopy. We appriciate the concern for the vessel and how much you all appriciate her. Our company is very proud of the yacht and very proud to work aboard her.

  • One more note for the post on what the WW2 info for the Wild Goose; She was commissioned on May 26, 1943 as the YMS 328. She served in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Welcome Sware01!

    Glad to have you with us. Thanks for the update on Duke's yacht. Glad to hear she's okay. We'd appreciate any stories you might want to share about working on her.

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  • Hello and welcome to the forum, Sware01. As Tbone stated, we would love to hear any stories you may feel like sharing about working on the Wild Goose. I know she has been modernized but is there anything left from the days Duke owned her? Chairs, tables or pictures on the walls? Either way, it must be something great to be able to walk the deck of the ship he loved so much. I hope you make yourself at home here, and feel free to join in anywhere.


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  • Thank you all. The yacht has had a third deck added for dining, but much of the yacht remains the same as when the Duke had her. There is alot of the same furniture as well. If anyone is interested she was recently on an episode of California's Gold with Huell Howser. www.calgold.com/calgold/Default.asp?Series=10000 Look for Newport Boats. In the episode Captain Bert Minschall gives a tour of the vessel. It NEVER gets old being on the yacht...also if anyone is interested there are public cruises available from time to time on the yacht, if anyone is around the Newport Beach area. I can let anyone interested know when there is another one. As I said we are very proud of the vessel so if anyone has any questions, please feel free.

  • sware01,

    First of all, I would like to join the others in welcoming you to the Original John Wayne Message Board!

    Thanks for the link, my copy should be coming soon! Anything to do with John Wayne and the Wild Goose is of interest to me.

    How interesting that the WG, in its former life as a naval vessel, was commisioned on May 26th - Duke's birthday!

    As others have stated, we look forward to any stories you can share, and we appreciate your personal update to the story.

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1: