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    • Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Here are what the famous have said about Duke:-

      Maureen O'Hara:-

      To the people of the world,
      John Wayne is just not an actor and very fine actor.
      John Wayne is the United States of America.
      He is what they believe it to be.
      He is what they hope it to be.
      And he is what they hope it will always be.

      President Jimmy Carter:-

      John Wayne was bigger than life.
      In an age of few heroes, he was the genuine article.
      But he was more than a hero; he was a symbol
      of many of the qualities
      that made America great- the ruggedness, the tough independance,
      the sense of personal conviction and courage-on and off the screen-
      that reflected the best of our national characte

      General Omar Bradley

      His medal (from Congress) should be made of the same stuff his heart is-
      solid gold

      More to come, watch this space!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Famous Quotes About Duke

      More quotes from the famous:-

      President Ronald Reagan:-

      There is no one who more exemplifies the devotion to our country,
      it's goodness, it's industry, and it's strengths, than John Wayne

      Frank Sinatra:-

      For over half a century, Mr. Wayne has served honourably
      as America's symbol to the world, of the highest moral standards
      of our society....
      No man's lifetime of work
      has better expressed the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
      No man's lifetime or work has given more proof to the world,
      that our flag is still there.
      John Wayne is in truth, a star spangled man
      whom so proudly we hai

      Katherine Hepburn:-

      He's exactly what we've all adored...all these years.
      He's a hero. And he's ours.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Here's a good one from George Burns

      “He had character, he had dignity. He was strong, and tall, and powerful, and rugged and I was always glad he was on my side.” George Burns
      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      And more:-

      Barry Goldwater:-

      He was a wonderful American, a very decent man,
      a complete gentleman, and a person, and I was glad
      to know, both as a freind, and as an American

      Michael Wayne

      My father became the symbol of the cowboy,
      he wasn't a cowboy, but people saw him that way

      About The Searchers:-
      Steven Speilberg:-

      It has so many superlatives.
      It's John Wayne's best performance..
      it's a study of dramatic framing and composition.
      It contains the single most harrowing moment,
      in any film I've ever seen
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      James Stewart

      He's like a mountain; he's there for us, etched against the sky,
      and we know what to expect from him.

      Ollie Carey,
      You're a big, dumb son of a bitch, The people have told you, how they like you.
      They're your audience,You give them what you want, not what you want,

      Michael Wayne
      I'll tell you what I enjoyed, most about my father knew what space he occupied.But what was refreshing about him, was that he used to tell me,
      Michael, when you start believing your own bullshit,
      that's when you're in trouble
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Quotes

      Gregory Peck
      That's why those fellas were so magnificent playing the same part, because they'd played it forty times. That's why John Wayne finally became a good actor in True Grit (1969) - he's got 150 of them behind him. Now he's developed a saltiness and an earthiness and a humor and a subtlety that comes from mining that same vein
      over and over again.

      Maureen O'Hara
      Speaking as an actress, I wish all actors would be more like Duke Wayne - and speaking as a person, it would be nice if all people could be honest and as genuine as he is.
      This is a real man

      Walter Brennan
      When I see a good western....I just sit there.I was thrilled with
      Red River, because I believed in it, Wayne was so good, I believed in him.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Clint Eastwood
      I gave him a piece of material that I thought had potential for us to do as a younger guy and an older guy. He wrote me back critical of it. He had seen High Plains Drifter , and he didn't think that represented Americana like
      She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and other John Ford westerns.
      I never answered him.

      Joan Didion, journalist, essayist, and novelist. met John Wayne on the set of the The Sons of Katie Elder,
      I have the sense that his face was more familiar to me than my husband’s.

      Michael Wayne

      He didn't care about producers,
      he didn't care about heads of studios,
      he cared about his fans
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Charlton Heston on The Greatest Story Ever Told
      There are actors who can do period roles, and actors who can't . . .
      God knows, John Wayne couldn't play a first-century Roman!

      Katherine Hepburn
      No film actor had greater integrity or stature.
      He represented the American folk hero at his best.

      Michael Wayne, when Duke recieved the Archbishop of Panama, near is passing.

      He was baptized a Catholic, just before he died....
      I think he did if for the family. My mother was a Catholic,
      and all of us kids were.
      Every wife of his was a Catholic, although my father was not
      a religous man in formal way. He was very moral..
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Henry Fonda,about Duke and John Fords drinking clan
      Like Ford, it was impossible for him to say two sentences,
      without using the words, that would put a dockworker to shame

      During filming The Sons Of Katie Elder, just after Duke's major surgery,
      Aissa Wayne

      Late one night, the week I was in Durango....
      I was jolted awake, by a racket outside our hotel room.
      Stumbling outside, I saw the cast, crew, writers and paparazzi standing outside their rooms,* waving and grinning. Down below in the dirty street, my father and Dean Martin, marched arm in arm, singing their booze-soaked lungs out..

      Dean Martin,

      Someone else, would have laid around, feeling sorry for himself, for a year.
      But Duke, he just doesn't know, how to be sick.....
      he's recuperating the hard way.He's two loud speaking guys in one.
      Me, when people see me, they sometimes say,
      "Oh, there goes Perry Como" But there's only one John Wayne, and nobody makes any mistakes, about that.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke


      During the making of the Alamo Duke watched Laurence Harvey walking along the parapet. Annoyed at his mincing walk Duke shouted God dammit can't you at least walk and look like a man. To which Harvey replied "Are you talking to me Marion?"


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      After reading that last post I am setting here with my coffee with a smile on my face. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can picture it. :photo:

    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Kirk Douglas
      John Wayne was a great star. But he always played Wayne.
      Anything else he didn't regard as manly.
      Now someone like Burt Lancaster is just the opposite.
      The living proof that you can be a sensitive actor
      and macho at the same time.

      Katherine Hepburn
      Duke was the kind of man,
      who blazed trails across our country...
      who reached out into the unknown...
      He was the kind of man, who was willing to live or die
      entirely on his own independant judgement.

      Ben Johnson on Duke's honesty,
      If he told you tomorrow's Christmas, you would get your stocking ready,
      He was that kind of person
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Raoul Walsh
      I like the way that kid walks...he is a real pioneer type....
      Dammit, the son of a bitch, looked like a man...
      To be a cowboy star, you gotta be six feet three or over..
      You gotta have no hips, and a face that looks right under a sombrero...

      Katherine Hepburn
      Simple in his enjoyment of his own success.
      As an actor he has an extraordinary gift. A unique naturalness.
      A very subtle capacity to think and express and caress the camera - the audience
      . A secret between them."
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Famous Folks Quotes- About Duke

      Robert Mitchum
      Sure I was glad to see John Wayne win the Oscar ...
      I'm always glad to see the fat lady win the Cadillac on TV, too.

      Katherine Hepburn
      I love working with Duke,,
      but he tells everyone what to do, bosses, everyone around.,

      Ben Johnson on comparing his acting with Duke
      Duke's idea was,"How would John Wayne do it?"..
      and that's the same theory I've got.I don't consider myself an actor;
      I consider myself a character, Ben Johnson.
      Everybody in town, is a better actor than I am,
      but I can play the hell out of Ben Johnson.
      Duke more or less played himself.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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