Duke's Parents- Clyde & Mary Morrison

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    • Duke's Parents- Clyde & Mary Morrison

      636775c014ed393c9f0cd26df517e59c.jpgDuke, with his Parents, brother Robert, his dog 'Duke'
      and his father Clyde

      Mini Biography
      Duke was born Marion Robert Morrison in Winterset, Iowa.
      He was the son of pharmacist Clyde Morrison and his wife Mary.

      Duke, brother Robert, Clyde his father.........................Duke, brother Robert, Mary is mother

      Clyde Leonard Morrison (1884–1937),
      his father, Marion Mitchell Morrison was of Irish and Scots-Irish and English descent,
      and the son of American Civil War veteran.

      Duke's Paternal Grandparents- Marion & Weltha Morrison-

      His Scotch ancestors had moved from Ohio to Illinois,were they were farmers
      and staunch members of the Presbyterian Church

      Clyde and Mary were married in Knoxville, Iowa on September 29, 1906.
      Clyde was a dark handsome, charming man of medium height,
      gentle and inteligent.

      Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from Iowa
      to the warmer climate of southern California,
      where they tried ranching in the Mojave Desert, until the ranch failed.

      Duke's family then moved to Palmdale, California,
      and then to Glendale, California in 1911,
      where his father worked as a pharmacist in a drug store.
      Clyde's numerous business ventures all ended up in failure,
      and eventually he declared bankruptcy, and finally ended
      up working in other's stores.

      A local fireman at the firehouse on his route to school in Glendale
      started calling him "Little Duke", because he never went anywhere
      without his huge Airedale Terrier dog,
      Duke. He preferred "Duke" to "Marion,"
      and the name stuck for the rest of his life.

      Duke described Clyde as
      a fine man, and a wonderful father.
      I wish I was as good looking as he was
      Duke clung to the memory of his father's kindness and never forgave
      his mother for berating him of his failures.

      Duke added
      I owe him a great deal...and only hope
      I can live up to his example

      Clyde Morrison, suffered a heart attack,
      and passed away in 1938.

      Duke with his mother Mary

      Mary Alberta Brown (1885–1970)
      his mother of Lancaster County, Nebraska,
      was a former telephone operator from Des Moines.
      Mary was often referred to as Molly.
      She was redheaded, blue-eyed and of Irish descent,
      and had a temper to prove it.
      Tiny and vivacious, Mary was a rather plain woman,
      and morally straight-laced,
      A writer once mentioned Duke was born less than
      nine months later!

      Duke remarked later in life,
      If my mother was still alive, she would have horsewhipped him down Main Street
      Her family moved to Iowa, when Mary's father
      Robert Emmett Brown, became a proof writer for a Des Moines newspaper.

      It is well known that his mother and was obsessed with putting Duke down,
      and favouring his younger brother Robert.
      So much so, she changed Duke's name, right after Duke was born.
      She gave Duke no credit for his success,
      and that would haunt Duke for the rest of his life!

      Mary Morrison moved with brother Robert to Long Beach,
      where she lived for the rest of her life.
      She passed away in Los Angeles in 1970,
      after a long illness.She was 81 years old.
      Clyde and Mary were to be divorced in 1929,
      and a year after Duke's father married

      Florence Buck,
      who worked a saleswoman at a store in Glendale.
      Florence and her daughter moved in with Clyde,
      and in spite of financial setbacks, she considered him a kind and gentle man.
      She had devotion and respect for him, and eventually
      finding her an encouraging force he hadn't found in Mary,
      and he began to find success again.
      Duke eventually came to love Florence as a stepmother,
      and accept the divorce was good for both his parents.
      It goes without saying, whatever the differences between Clyde and Mary
      and however way they raised Duke, we are eternally grateful to them, for giving us

      John Wayne

      Written by ethanedwards
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Parents- Clyde and Mary Morrison

      This is a little story and a Picture of Duke's Family, His Father Clyde, His Mother Mary, His Brother Robert and Young Marion "Little Duke" and His Dog, "Big Duke" when they lived in the Mojave Desert East of L.A.
      The Story tells how John Wayne got His
      "Nickname Duke."
      This Picture Hung on the wall of Duke's Den at His Home at Newport Beach !


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    • Re: Duke's Parents- Clyde and Mary Morrison


      Somehow we missed all this hard work when you first posted it all. I especially appreciate the ability to link from one to the next, to continue the story. Thanks very much! For those others who may have missed it, start here.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Duke's Parents- Clyde & Mary Morrison

      As a "semi-professional" geneaologist, I've had lots of practice comparing "before and (many years) after" pictures.

      There SEEMS to be a resemblance, but further data is needed for an accurate appraisal.
    • Re: Mary Morrison

      JamesMace wrote:

      Could this be John Wayne's mother?

      Jim has since emailed me,
      and states that this picture of Molly
      is used on a another Duke genealogy site,
      and feels this is indeed Mary.

      Jim can we obtain access to this other site?
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Duke's Parents- Clyde & Mary Morrison

      In regard to the Molly picture and the other website, please send me your email address and I'll try to find that website again and mail it to you. (I don't know if I ever had your email address on hand)?????