Some newbie "How-to's"

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    • Working with Your Personal Profile

      For those newbies who are still trying to figure their way around this place, here's a little tutorial on how to add info to your personal profile.

      If you scroll to the top of the screen, you will see a scenic banner across the very top where it says DUKEWAYNE.COM. Right below that is the banner for The John Wayne Store. Below that is a blue bar, with several buttons, the one on the far left being "User CP" (CP standing for control panel). Click on that.

      This is where you can, among other things, read your private messages, and also change and add things to your profile. On the left side you will see Control Panel, with several choices below it. "Edit profile" is where you can add your birthday, your location, and other things about yourself. Sharing information in your profile is purely VOLUNTARY, but it is fun to see where folks are from, and to be able to wish them a happy birthday when their special day comes along. Under "Edit options" you can set the correct time zone and make numerous other choices about how you experience the message board.

      I hope this is of some help to you. If you have any questions or need help, just let us know right here. We have many knowledgeable members who will offer advice.

      Looking forward to learning more about you,

      Chester :newyear:

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    • Some newbie "How-to's"

      After reading the following, I realized other new members might be wondering the same thing.

      oldtucsonxtra wrote:

      Still trying to figure out how to maneuver "threads" on your Forum so as not to repeat our posts. Your patience is appreciated!

      When convenient we'd like to hear if there is way to post a small "signature" photo other than using Avatar?


      As you can see, we have a photo in place of the pre-selected avatars, so we've been down that road and would be happy to share the process with you.

      Near the top of the screen, you should see a blue bar that has links to places on the message board. The one you want right now is 'User CP' (the CP stands for Control Panel). If you right-click on it, you can choose to open the link in a new tab or window (thus leaving these directions available to read while you work). If your browser doesn't offer that option, you can print this out so you can go step by step.

      When you open your Control Panel, look down the column on the left. Under "Settings and Options" is the "Edit Avatar" link. Click on that.

      You would go down to the 'Custom Avatar' section, and that is where you can upload a photo. If your photo is too large (which it's likely to be, unless you've used it as an avatar elsewhere), you can resize the photo free, online, at a site like THIS. Once your photo is an appropriate size, upload it and choose it as your avatar.

      I hope that helps.

      Mrs. C :angel1:
    • What is a "thread"?

      stagecoach50 wrote:

      There is so much to read, not enough time in the day. :thumbs_up: I do have a few questions, what exactly is a thread?

      I posted the answer below in the same thread where the above question was asked, but realized it may be more easily found (and useful), in the future, in this thread.

      A thread is a topic that starts with a single post (when you choose 'New Thread' within a forum, you are starting a new topic). As the conversation continues (or you choose 'Post Reply' within a thread), the thread becomes longer. On this message board, we have several forums - General Information (which includes the sub-forums Newbie Forum, JWMB YouTube Forum, General Discussions, Off Topic Discussions, The Trading Post, etc.), Duke Movie Discussions (which includes such sub-forums as Duke's Westerns and Pals of the Saddle, just to name two), The Maureen O'Hara Forum, and Misc/Board News and announcements.

      When you click JWMB - The Original John Wayne Message Board where fans come to have fun! near the top of many pages within the forum, that takes you back to the main forum page, or index.

      Within each main forum, there are sub-forums, and within some of the sub-forums there may be a few sub-sub-forums (for the purpose of maintaining some organization). For example, one of the sub-sub-forums is for the John Wayne Picture Game, a weekly game that many of our members enjoy. Each week, dukefan1 starts a new thread, with a poll so we can vote on the previous week's game and a new picture for which we can make funny captions. All the weekly picture game threads are in that smaller forum.

      If you scroll down on the main page, you will see a sub-forum entitled Duke Movie Discussions (mentioned above). There, broken down into several sub-sub-forums, you will be able to read about and discuss most of John Wayne's films and many co-stars (both male and female) and directors and others who were involved with Duke's films. Duke Movie Discussions represents probably thousands of hours of work on the part of one of our moderators, Keith (aka ethanedwards), in an effort to build an organized information base.

      I hope that helps!

      Chester :newyear:

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    • Re: Some newbie "How-to's"

      I've recently been searching the forums for a few things, and realized that a few tips on using the Search function might be useful.

      Near the top of every page is a blue bar, with "User CP" on the far left, followed by FAQ, Top Posters, Members List, Calendar, New Posts, Search, Quick Links, and Log Out.

      If you click on Search, there is a little drop down menu. You can simply type a word or words in the empty box and choose to have the search results in the form of threads (whole topics), or single posts, that include the search term(s). Depending on the word you use, the results could be numerous, so try to choose a more specific, less common term, if possible.

      Anyway, if you select your search results to come up as threads, then when you click on each thread, the term you searched will be highlighted in red in any posts in which the term appears. But if it is a very long thread, that might be more reading than you want to do. So you might want to choose to show the search results as individual posts instead.

      If you have an idea that what you are looking for is in a particular thread, there is another tool available to you. Choose the thread, and at the top of the thread, you should see Thread Tools, Search This Thread, Rate Thread and Display Modes.

      Choose "Search This Thread" and put in your search term. For example, suppose I want to see what recipes, if any, include chicken in the Share A Recipe Here thread. When I choose to search the thread (which contains 160 posts), I search for the term "chicken" and it brings back a result of 14 posts! Much easier than searching through all 160!

      Within the general Search option, there is Advanced Search. If you know a thread title contains a specific word, this is a great way to find it among the almost 4000 threads here. In Advanced Search, you can narrow your search to a keyword, and search Titles Only.

      If you are savvy and have tagged any threads, you can also search threads by their tags (I'm not that savvy, so maybe somebody else can speak to that in more detail).

      I hope this is helpful to someone out there!

      Mrs. C :angel1:
    • Re: Some newbie "How-to's"

      I want to (bump) this thread back as a reminder that there are some helpful hints here, for both newbies and seasoned veterans of the board.

      The Mrs. reminded me of her post above (about the different ways to search for things around here), and I learned a few things myself!

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Some newbie "How-to's"


      I think you may be confusing your profile picture with your avatar (the picture which shows up with each posted message). When I view your public profile, there is a really neat picture of Duke with some other celebrities showing as your profile picture.

      Now . . . if you want to use that same pic as your avatar, you may have to resize it (thus Keith's question about its size), as there are specific parameters in size for avatar pictures (see post #2 above, for more info on avatars).

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    • Re: Some newbie "How-to's"

      Peridot wrote:

      My personal avatar is animated, is that permitted according to the rules of the board?


      Yes, no problem (as long as, like Keith said, it's appropriate).

      I believe one of our members, Tennessean, has an animated avatar, if I'm remembering correctly.

      Looking forward to seeing your avatar,

      Chester :newyear: