Happy New Year!!

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    • Re: Happy New Year!!


      It's good to see you again! Thank you so much for your New Year's greetings, from you and Mr. Harry Carey Jr., and of course we extend the same wishes to you, too!

      Thanks for reminding us about Tales from the Set, and for sharing your videos with us! They're great!

      We'd also like to take this opportunity to wish a most "Wayne-derful" New Year to all members of the JWMB!

      Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

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    • Re: Happy New Year!!

      dukefan1 wrote:

      You know he will be, Jim. A team of horses couldn't keep GT out of a good chat fest. :wink_smile:

      Good to see you again, GT.

      It's good to be back....although I never really left....life just kind of just catches up with you and I can't always be here no matter how much I would like to....I'll be here as much as I can and I hope to see you in the chat room.
      Stay thirsty my friends.
    • Re: Happy New Year!!


      Just like to add my wishes for a happy new year to one and all. and I hope its not as bad as people are predicting.

      Hopefully as the troops pull out of Iraq that will be one less to worry about.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Re: Happy New Year!!

      Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Ring in the 2009 New Year safely.. be online. :present:
      Dedicated to the American Hero...John Wayne
      Dukette ( a true native Texas gal)
    • Re: Happy New Year!!

      It is OFFICIALLY 2009 for smokey and Taka (members in Australia and Japan respectively, for our newer members who may not know who smokey and Taka are).

      We're moving rapidly into the new year!!

      We don't expect to be home this evening, when the turnover from '08 to '09 takes place in our time zone, but we'll be thinking about y'all!

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Happy New Year!!

      happy new year to one and all it is now 2:22am new years day have just got home had a wonderful night, hope you are all safe for the coming year and have a great year.

      cheers smokey
      " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"
    • Re: Happy New Year!!

      Just to input my wishes to all for a Prosperous New Year in 2009, and may all your blessings be filled with your loved ones.

      I look forward to chatting with a lot of you this year.

      Cheers :cool: Mike aka Hondo Duke Lane

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Re: Happy New Year!!

      Let me chime in and wish everyone here a Happy New Years!

      I want to also thank each and everyone of you for helping grow the JWMB in 2008! We continue to be more & more active, with new members weekly who stay around and participate regularly.

      I think if John Wayne was around today he would like what we have accomplished here in his honor. A vibrant online community that is comprised of fans that come here and discuss life whether it pertains to the Duke or not. We are a family here of friends and fans. I believe Duke would have been an active member here. :shades_smile:
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store

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