2009 John Wayne Birthday Celebration

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    • Re: 2009 John Wayne Birthday Celebration

      chester7777 wrote:

      Interview with A C Lyles from the California 100 year celebration . . . .

      And an interview with AC at the Winterset 100 year celebration . . .


      I was at the 100th in Winterset. We were heading into the cowboy symposium where co-stars and family members talk about working on Duke's films and his life in general. I had to make a "pit stop" in the men's room and when I came back here is A.C. talking to my wife!! What a nice man and very personable. Nice to see people like that in the movie buisness even though they are few and far between.
      Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
      -John Wayne
    • Re: 2009 John Wayne Birthday Celebration

      Hello All
      In Winterset there is a drugstore that has an active soda shop with a long J counter and four staff working at once ( busy). Houses with porches were numerous and brick enhanced the character of many of the homes and businesses. Chester, my cousin and I met a family of 4 who were walkabout and they like to hand catch and release Rattlesnake and other snakes. There is a back to the future like Town Square with a very impressive courthouse in the center. Most of all I enjoyed the people who could respect the past and embrace the present in both lifestyle and demeanor. I can not vouch for the rest of Iowa, Winterset however, ROCKS.:thumbs_up:
      Greetings from North of the 49th
    • Re: 2009 John Wayne Birthday Celebration

      Hi This is Big Jeff The John Wayne Impersonator....I had a very good time with my good friend Jim Sutherlin When we went to the John Wayne Birthplace in Iowa.......Jim and I was a hit! Some one may say that Jim and I was trying to replace John Wayne and We should not talk about the John Wayne Message Board.......They are the one with a problem........And not us! Keep the name alive that all we can do now! Just Keep the name Alive.......It is so much fun for me! I will do it for nothing! But it help when someone give you money for Travel....So I will never forget this trip for the rest of my life....And big Jim and his wife will always be my sear friends.......Best Always Jeff Wayne as John Wayne Imperasonator.....PS Please look for my TV Show Jeffsstartalk.com..................
      A John Wayne Collector and Actor that is Name After the Duke himself Jeff Wayne Sutherland.

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