2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

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    • 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

      The 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset is now history.
      Go here to read more about it, from one who was there!

      It's time to start planning for next May, when the celebration in Winterset will include a big-screen showing of The Alamo, and where Duke's daughter, Aissa, is expected to make an appearance!

      Check out the John Wayne Birthplace web site for more details!

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    • The 2010 John Wayne Birthday Celebration

      Just thought you'd all like to know what's going on for the 2010 John Wayne Birthday Celebration on May 28-29, 2010 in Winterset, Iowa. This year's Celebration is centered around the 50th anniversary of "The Alamo" and festivities will be held on the historic Courthouse Square in downtown Winterset (just spittin' distance from the Birthplace home).

      The VIP Fund Raising Event on Saturday, May 29th will feature a sumptuous dinner in true Western style, followed by music from chart topper Moe Bandy and his Americana Band. A stunning big-screen presentation of "The Alamo" will follow. The first 500 who purchase VIP tickets will also receive a FREE DVD copy of "The Alamo" as a souvenir keepsake, courtesy of MGM/DVD.

      John Wayne's daughter Aissa Wayne will also be at the VIP Event. Aissa appeared with her father in "The Commancheros", "Donovan’s Reef", "McLintock!" and--yes--"The Alamo."

      Tickets for the VIP Event are $100 and may be purchased on our website at johnwaynebirthplace.org/birthday or by calling toll-free (877) 462-1044. Tickets are going fast, so don't delay! Makes a great Christmas gift, too! Proceeds benefit the new John Wayne Birthplace Museum and Learning Center.

      Even if you're not attending the VIP Event, there's plenty to do. The Western Mercantile Marketplace on the Square will feature fabulous western-related merchandise and fantastic food. There'll be a free outdoor showing of "The Alamo." And of course, Duke's Birthplace home will be open for tours.

      For up-to-date information on the 2010 John Wayne Birthday Celebration and everything that's going on, visit our web site at johnwaynebirthplace.org/birthday.

      Wayne Davis
      The Birthplace of John Wayne
    • Re: The 'New' John Wayne Birthplace and Learning Center

      Thanks Wayne for the update!!

      Hopefully, I'll be able to make it there this year, at least that's my plan.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store
    • Re: 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

      Winterset county has in it a farming pioneer era museum that I highly recomend, allow several hours to take it in if your going. As for Aissa attending, there was mention of family members going to the last one and it did not happen. No explenation was ever given. I am not saying that it caused me to regret going there. I was talking to my nephew last night about taking a spring road trip to Texas to his fathers recording studio and who knows I might swing past Iowa on the way. Might have to bring one or more of the 4 kids along. There could be guitars playing. Can you recall the smell of woodsmoke, coffee, and just a splash of who hit John. How long has it been since you gathered round a fire with friends?
      Greetings from North of the 49th
    • Re: 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset


      It would be an extreme pleasure to be in your company again!

      I would love to see as many of our members as possible head to Winterset that last weekend of May. Even if you can't make it to the VIP dinner, there's that FREE outdoor showing of The Alamo the next day, and Winterset is a real pretty town. And of course, there's the Birthplace tour, and as Murray mentioned, some really neat places nearby to visit as well. I would love meeting more of my friends 'face to face'!

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

      Having attended the last "celebration in Winterset" I would highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in John Wayne. I enjoyed myself, met some great people, had my picture taken with Deana Martin (Dean Martin's daughter), and took home some neet John Wayne "stuff".

      We need to help make these celebrations a big sucess. Alot of money needs to be raised to get this museum up and running. I'd like to see it before I expire!!!!

      By all means---ATTEND and SUPPORT!!!

    • Re: 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

      I would soooo love to go to this ....... but I will not be able to make it already have a big " thing " planned for New York in April and a trip to Niagra Falls and Canada too..... Sigh...going off now to shake the " money tree " to see if anything falls !!!!!

      I've tried the lottery already this week !!!! :wink_smile:
    • Re: 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

      Here's the latest news:

      Aissa Wayne will be here in Winterset at 7pm on Friday, May 28th, 2010 to dedicate a new outside location for the larger-than-life John Wayne bronze statue, on the property of the new Museum, facing John Wayne Drive. You may remember the statue was donated by the Wayne Family at the Centennial in 2007, and since that time he's rested in the corner of the Welcome Center, barely fitting in below the ceiling. This new outdoor spot will have walkways and will be lit at night, so those traveling past will be able to see it.

      The John Wayne Birthday Celebration is also proud to be chosen as one of only 25 events throughout Iowa to be a "Silver Dollar Cash Stop." Before the dedication on Friday from 4pm to 7pm, Iowa Lottery officials will hold a contest where Lottery players can use nonwinning Silver Tickets for a chance to win four cash prizes for a total value of $1,000. Winners will be drawn approximately 6:45pm. You must be present to win.

      More information on these free events on the Birthday Celebration page: johnwaynebirthplace.org/birthday

      Wayne Davis
      The Birthplace of John Wayne
    • Re: 2010 Birthday Celebration in Winterset

      Hey, John Wayne fans! Even MORE new stuff going on during the 2010 John Wayne Birthday Celebration: Thursday, May 27th through Sunday, May 30th, at the Madison County Chamber of Commerce on the Northeast corner of the Courthouse Square:

      A rare and exclusive opportunity to view John Wayne-related treasures from the private collection of Joseph L. Zuckschwerdt, President of The Birthplace of John Wayne’s board. These unique and one-of-a-kind items include an actual musket used in The Alamo; the shirt and vest from The Shootist; a dress military coat from The Green Berets; the saddle from The Cowboys; original posters and oversized publicity photos, many personal family photos and even the last hat ever made for Duke by Nudie’s, and much, much more.

      Complete info: johnwaynebirthplace.org/birthday

      The Celebration is less than 30 days away now! Be sure to get your tickets for the exclusive VIP Fund Raising Event while they're still available!

      Wayne Davis
      The Birthplace of John Wayne

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