That's My Boy (1932)

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    • That's My Boy (1932)




      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Featuring members of the 1931 National Champion football team from the University of Southern California Trojans, with team members Russell Saunders and Oscar "Dutch" Hendrian also cast in roles other than just team members. Former USC football player John Wayne (not on the 1931 team) and Olympic swimmer Buster Crabbe also in cast as football players: Thomas Jefferson "Snakehips" Scott is the sensation of the Freshman football squad at Bedford University. After a sensational Sophomore season, varsity coach "Daisy" Adams gets him a summer "job" in the Maine woods as a bond salesman. The coach sends him there for conditioning purposes only, but Tommy is pleased with the $6,000 he gets for selling bonds he never even sees. Nice work if you can get it and, seventy years later, college football players (usually from Texas and California, playing for colleges from some other states that can't "grow their own") still manage to find similar positions. Tommy, figuring that there is more where this came from, tells a graduate manager he will quit the team unless they pay him $50,000. The manager arranges with a broker to start an investment fund named after Thomas Jefferson Smith, the receipts from which will net Tommy his demanded amount. Thousands of shares are sold, for unclear reasons since the buyers had no reason to expect a return, but, hey, the plot must move along. The broker gambles away the funds. The broker kills himself. The district attorney questions Tommy. The father of Tommy's college squeeze offers Tommy $50,000 if he will break his engagement to the girl. Tommy holds out for $100,000. Tommy is booed off the field after the first half of "the BIG GAME." Tommy has sent the $100,000 to the district attorney to pay off the investors. The D.A. tells the newspapers. The newspapers print special editions that are delivered to the stadium at half-time. Tommy receives a standing ovation from the crowd. Tommy scores the winning touchdown. Mom Scott is proud of Tommy, for reasons hard to discern.
      Written by Les Adams

      Full Cast
      Richard Cromwell ... Tommy Jefferson Scott
      Dorothy Jordan ... Dorothy Whitney
      Mae Marsh ... Mom Scott
      Arthur Stone ... Pop Scott
      Douglass Dumbrille ... Coach 'Daisy' Adams
      Lucien Littlefield ... Uncle Louie
      Leon Ames ... Al Williams (as Leon Waycoff)
      Russell Saunders ... Pinkie
      Sumner Getchell ... Carl
      Otis Harlan ... Mayor
      Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian ... Hap
      Elbridge Anderson ... 1st Student
      Crilly Butler ... 2nd Student
      Douglas Haig ... Tommy, as a young boy
      Tay Brown ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Buster Crabbe ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Toby Hunt ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Joan Marsh ... Co-ed (uncredited)
      Jim Musick ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Ernie Pinckert ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Gaius Shaver ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Ernie Smith ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Earl Sparling ... Football Player (uncredited)
      Duke Morrison ... Football Player (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Norman Krasna screenplay
      Francis Wallace novel

      Original Music
      Charles Kisco

      Joseph H. August

      The USC national championship football team of 1931 appears in the film.

      Filming Location
      University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: That's My Boy (1932)

      That's My Boy is a 1932 American film that stars Richard Cromwell and Dorothy Jordan.
      It features John Wayne in an uncredited role as a football player.

      Duke Morrison appears in his third film
      as a football playing extra.

      Mae Marsh, (who was to later star with Duke
      in 7 films, and a TV special), was already a a rising star when this movie was made.
      She was later to become one of John Ford's favourite actors.

      Also worth noting. another of the football team
      is Buster Crabbe who was to be in Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi

      User Review
      John Wayne the Sportsman
      5 February 2004 | by Single-Black-Male (London, England)
      There is an air of increasing confidence in the 25 year old John Wayne's walk.
      He is at home playing the sportsman in this film to remind him of his university days
      when he was studying to become a lawyer. He was better off in a western.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: That's My Boy (1932)

      “Wayne's role in the film may be confined to stock footage utilized from the earlier Columbia film Maker of Men.
      Wayne is Taylor, the star player of the Harvard team, who is shown carrying and kicking the ball.”

      With thanks to Elly
      John Wayne Before Stagecoach
      Best Wishes
      London- England