Saddle Up: Birthplace of John Wayne

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    • Saddle Up: Birthplace of John Wayne

      Check this out:

      The "Saddle Up with Dennis Browse" TV program visits the Birthplace of John Wayne. Includes a visual tour of the Birthplace home with Birthplace board Vice President Joe Zuckschwerdt, a horseback ride down the Clark Tower Trail in Winterset's City Park with Ginger Ryals, an Interview with long-time Duke costumer Luster Bayless, and highlights of the 2009 John Wayne Birthday Celebration.
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      Thanks Kevin really enjoyed watching this

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      I had the pleasure of being off camera during Joe Zukes interview.
      Joe did a great job. I only hope more board members can be at Winterset for the showing of the Alamo. All members that show can get together for a fine Iowa lunch and a toast to Duke.
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      Bill, I agree! Joe did a GREAT job! It was all the more fun watching and listening, having met him personally. It was a real nice special, and sure makes me want to be back there again!

      I think it would be wonderful if JWMB members were able to get together in Winterset, to celebrate John Wayne's birthdsay, and enjoy each other's company.

      Chester :newyear:
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      A great tour of the birthplace of John Wayne. I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait to go there maybe in a year or two and be a part of this history. I love to see the many pictures of Duke.

      Cheers :cool:

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