Calamity Jane

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    • Calamity Jane

      Calamity Jane at age 43.
      Photo by H.R. Locke.

      May 1, 1852
      August 1, 1903

      Also Known as
      Martha Jane Cannary Burke

      Bullwacker, Army Scout, Labourer,
      Mule Skinner, Showgirl

      Martha Jane Cannary (Calamity Jane)
      was born in Missouri on 1st, May, 1852.
      The family moved from Missourri to Virginia City, Montana, in 1865.

      She worked as a bullwacker and in 1870
      joined General George A. Custer as an army scout.
      She took part in the Indian Wars and it was during
      one skirmish she saved the life of Captain Egan.
      She later wrote that "I lifted him onto my horse in front of me
      and succeeded in getting him safely to the Fort.
      Captain Egan on recovering, laughingly said:
      "I name you Calamity Jane, the heroine of the plains.
      '' I have borne that name up to the present time."

      Over the years she developed a reputation for her skill
      at riding and shooting.
      Dressed in buckskin, Calamity Jane
      was also well-known for her hard-drinking.
      One man who knew her claimed that she was different from
      other women as "she swore, she drank, she wore men's clothing."

      Calamity Jane was always on the move and worked
      as a labourer on the Union Pacific and as a mule skinner.
      In 1872 she joined the army as a scout and over the next few years
      served under George Crook and Nelson Miles.
      However, in 1875 she was dismissed after it was discovered she was a woman.

      Soon after this incident she went to Deadwood, Dakota,
      during the Gold Rush in the Black Hills, where met Wild Bill Hickok.
      Calamity Jane later claimed they were lovers but this story
      is doubted by those who knew the couple.
      She was obviously very attached to Hickok and after
      he was murdered in 1876 she often visited his grave.
      There, after , she claimed that he was the father of her child
      and that they'd been married.
      (The child, if it existed, was said to have been
      born September 25, 1873, and given up for adoption.)


      Calamity Jane was noted for her habit of dressing in men's clothing.
      She nursed victims of a smallpox epidemic in 1878, also dressed as a man.
      She was something of a local legend because the Sioux Indians
      left her alone (as well as because of her other eccentricities).

      In 1891 Calamity Jane married Clinton Burke,
      after they'd lived together for at least six years.
      Two years later she gave birth to a daughter.
      The marriage broke up and Calamity Jane returned to the road.
      In 1896 she starting appearing on the stage as "Calamity Jane!
      The Famous Woman Scout of the Wild West."
      The following year she publushed a small pamphlet,
      Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane.

      Jane at Buffalo Bill's Show

      In her later years, Calamity Jane appeared in Wild West shows,
      including the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, around the country,
      featuring her riding and shooting skills.


      But her chronic drunkenness and fighting caused many problems,
      and after she was fired in 1901 from a show, she retired to Deadwood,
      Calamity Jane died in Terry, South Dakota in 1903
      and is buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood.
      Jane was buried next to Wild Bill Hickok

      Calamity Jane at Wild Bill’s grave July 1903

      Compiled and edited by ethanedwards
      Information and Photogaphs from wikipedia
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Western Legends- Calamity Jane

      Doris Day's portrayal of Calamity Jane has always been one of my favorite musicals. I especially loved the songs "Deadwood Stage" and "Secret Love".
      De gustibus non est disputandum

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