The Westerner (1960)

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    • The Westerner (1960)



      Information From IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Laconic cowboy Dave Blasingame wanders the Wild West
      with his faithful dog Brown and the occasional
      companionship of pal Burgundy Smith.

      Series Cast
      Brian Keith ... Dave Blassingame (13 episodes, 1960)
      Jimmy Lee Cook ... Band Member / ... (5 episodes, 1960)
      Hank Gobble ... Digger / ... (5 episodes, 1960)
      Michael T. Mikler ... Band Member / ... (4 episodes, 1960)
      Marie Selland ... Addie McKeen / ... (4 episodes, 1960)
      John Dehner ... Burgundy Smith (3 episodes, 1960)
      Rudy Dolan ... Band Member / ... (3 episodes, 1960)
      Malcolm Atterbury ... Marshal Frank Dollar / ... (2 episodes, 1960)
      Victor Izay ... Bartender / ... (2 episodes, 1960)
      Wayne Tucker ... Ned / ... (2 episodes, 1960)
      Irene Calvillo ... Choli / ... (2 episodes, 1960)

      Series Directed by
      Sam Peckinpah (5 episodes, 1960)
      André De Toth (2 episodes, 1960)

      Series Produced by
      Jack Gariss .... associate producer (13 episodes, 1960)
      Sam Peckinpah .... producer (11 episodes, 1960)
      Hal Hudson .... executive producer (7 episodes, 1960)
      Richard V. Heermance .... associate producer (6 episodes, 1960)

      Series Writing Credits
      Sam Peckinpah (13 episodes, 1960)
      Bruce Geller (4 episodes, 1960)
      Jack Curtis (2 episodes, 1960)
      Tom Gries (2 episodes, 1960)
      Robert Heverly (2 episodes, 1960)

      One episode of this series, "Line Camp," was the basis for the feature film Will Penny (1968). The episode and the film were both written and directed by 'Tom Gries'.

      The series was developed from a 1959 episode of "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre" written and directed by Sam Peckinpah titled "Trouble at Tres Cruces".

      A pilot for this series, starring Lee Marvin as Dave Blassingame, was later aired on "The Dick Powell Show" in 1963, titled The Losers.

      Filming Location
      Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park - 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Classic TV Westerns- The Westerner (1960)

      The Westerner is an American Western series that aired on NBC from September to December 1960.
      Created by Sam Peckinpah, the series was produced by Four Star Television.
      The Westerner stars Brian Keith as Dave Blassingame
      and features John Dehner as semi-regular Burgundy Smith

      Mentioned a few times, in the discussion thread,
      so here it is.
      Not one I'm familiar with, so please post any reviews
      One of the most unusual and sophisticated westerns for its time or any other., 20 June 1999
      Author: lone-3 from New York City

      One of the most unusual and sophisticated westerns for its time or any other. Those who have seen it (I was able to see all thirteen episodes in Peckinpah festival in NYC at Walter Reade Theatre) will know how revealing it is about Peckinpah and his developing film technique, and just how plain entertaining it is. Brian Keith is so watchable that it makes you regret the fact he spent so many years doing Family Affair where he was mostly catatonic. If there is any way of getting this series onto home video, I would love to join forces with anyone who had an idea of how to bring this about.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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