Duke's Maternal Grandparents- Robert & Margaret Brown

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    • Duke's Maternal Grandparents- Robert & Margaret Brown


      Duke's maternal grandparents, parents of his mother Mary 'Molly' Alberta Brown

      Robert Emmett Brown
      Robert was born in Armstrong County, Pensylvania in 1849.
      The son of Scottish-Irish parents,who moved west
      to Kansas, when he was still a child.
      Robert tried to enlisting the Union Army in 1865,
      but he was only 15 years old.
      His turn of combat came two years later,
      when he volunteered for the 18th.Kansas Cavalry
      and spent two years fighting Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors
      along the Union Pacific Railroad in Kansas and Colorado territory.
      After mustering out of the Army in 1868,
      he settled in Lincoln, Nebraska, and went to work as a printer.

      Robert married a young woman of Irish decent Margaret.

      Margaret Brown
      Margaret was born in County Cork, Ireland,
      and came to the United States, after the Civil War,
      in the postfamine Irsih migration.
      When she arrived in 1874, she was a spinster,
      who had had no marrage prospects in Ireland.
      Maggie as she was called, was a talented seamstress and clothing designer,
      a trade she continued after her marriage in 1874

      Their daughter Mary Alberta (Dukes' mother)
      who was their third child, was born in Lincoln in 1885.
      Although Robert Brown was a Presbyterian,
      and Maggie a teetotaling Irsh-Catholic,
      they raised their chidren as Protestants.

      They moved in the early 1890's settling in a small house,
      on 1716 High Street in Des Monies,
      where Robert worked a printer,and Maggie ran a seamstress shop.

      Mary 'Molly' Brown(Duke's mother) grew up
      in a comfortable middle class, urban world.

      Duke's parents Clyde and Mary were to depend upon
      Robert and Margaret Brown through their early years of marriage.

      Duke's Parents- Clyde & Mary Morrison
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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