The Battle Of Midway (1942) (Documentary)

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    • The Battle Of Midway (1942) (Documentary)


      DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY JOHN FORD (as Lt. Cmdr. John Ford U.S.N.R.)
      20th. CENTURY FOX


      The Japanese attack on Midway in June 1942, filmed as it happened.
      Information from IMDb

      On June 4-6, 1942, a large Japanese force attempted to capture Midway
      Island in the North Pacific, but was defeated by U.S. forces
      with a loss ratio of 4:1 in favor of the Americans.
      On hand was a crew of naval photographers directed by
      John Ford; their documentary footage was edited together
      with narration by Hollywood actors.
      The film covers the attack on Midway, some limited aerial footage,
      the search for survivors, and aftermath of the battle.
      Written by Rod Crawford

      Full Cast
      Henry Fonda ... Narrator (voice)
      Jane Darwell ... Narrator (voice)
      Logan Ramsey ... Himself
      James Roosevelt ... Himself - US Army Major (as Major Roosevelt)
      Donald Crisp ... Main Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
      Irving Pichel ... Narrator (voice) (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      John Ford (writer) &
      Dudley Nichols (writer) &
      James Kevin McGuinness (writer) (as James K. McGuinness)

      John Ford .... producer (uncredited)

      Original Music
      Alfred Newman (music)

      John Ford (photographer) (as Lt. Cmdr. John Ford U.S.N.R.)
      Jack MacKenzie (uncredited)
      Kenneth M. Pier (uncredited)

      Director John Ford was wounded by enemy fire while filming the battle.

      Filming Location
      Midway Islands

      Watch the Full Movie:-

      The Battle Of Midway
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Classic War Movie- Battle Of Midway- John Ford

      The Japanese attack on Midway in June 1942, filmed as it happened.

      This is the real thing here-not a re-enactment
      11 October 2001 | by Robert Reynolds

      This incredible compilation of footage won an Academy Award. It was shot by a crew of war cameramen that included John Ford, who I understand actually took some of the footage himself! While watching this, remember that you generally can effectively aim either a camera or a weapon at any one time, but not both and, as a cameraman has his eye to the lense while shooting, that means that he's exposed to all of the nasty stuff flying all around him with little or no cover! That's called "grace under pressure". They got an Oscar and deserved a medal! Highly recommended.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: John Ford-The Battle Of Midway (1942) (Documentary)

      There are a number of staged scenes as I remember, and some miniature work that stands out from the actual footage, but still impressive overall.

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