College Coach (1933)

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    • College Coach (1933)



      Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 4.13.44 PM.png

      Screenshots with the courtesy of elly
      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      A ruthless coach (Pat O'Brien) creates turmoil at a college by hiring players
      (Lyle Talbot) and alienating students (Dick Powell).
      Along the way, the coach loses his wife (Ann Dvorak) to a grandstanding player.
      Inside look at college football of the 1930s replete with fake grades,
      non-student players, and the importance of football to a college's reputation.
      Written by Ed Lorusso

      Full Cast
      Dick Powell ... Philip 'Phil' / 'Sarge' Sargeant
      Ann Dvorak ... Claire Gore
      Pat O'Brien ... Coach James Gore
      Arthur Byron ... Dr. Phillip Sargent
      Lyle Talbot ... Herbert P. 'Buck' Weaver
      Hugh Herbert ... J. Marvin Barnett
      Arthur Hohl ... Seymour Young
      Charles C. Wilson ... Charles Hauser
      Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams ... Matthews (as Guinn Williams)
      Nat Pendleton ... Ladislaus Petrowski
      Phillip Reed ... 'Wes' Westerman
      Donald Meek ... Prof. Spencer Trask
      Berton Churchill ... Otis
      Harry Beresford ... Professor
      Herman Bing ... Prof. Glantz
      Joe Sawyer ... Holcomb (as Joe Sauers)
      Philip Faversham ... Editor
      William Austin ... Finch - Biography Writer (uncredited)
      Ward Bond ... Assistant Coach (uncredited)
      James Donlan ... Reporter (uncredited)
      Sammy Fain ... Piano Player (uncredited)
      Dick French ... Bystander in Nightclub (uncredited)
      Lew Harvey ... Four Aces Fan (uncredited)
      Sam Hayes ... Radio Announcer (uncredited)
      Leyland Hodgson ... Regent (uncredited)
      Edward Keane ... Shoe Company Executive (uncredited)
      Milton Kibbee ... Photographer (uncredited)
      John Marston ... Regent (uncredited)
      Sam McDaniel ... Lunch Wagon Proprietor (uncredited)
      Edward McWade ... Regent (uncredited)
      Buddy Messinger ... Newsboy (uncredited)
      Dave O'Brien ... Student on Tennis Court (uncredited)
      Alexander Pollard ... Waiter (uncredited)
      Jed Prouty ... Campfire Boy Leader (uncredited)
      Harry Seymour ... Reporter (uncredited)
      Eddie Shubert ... Reporter (uncredited)
      Edwin Stanley ... Regent (uncredited)
      Larry Steers ... Man with Check (uncredited)
      Phil Tead ... Reporter (uncredited)
      Richard Tucker ... Regent (uncredited)
      John Wayne ... Student Greeting Phil (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Niven Busch (story & screenplay) &
      Manuel Seff (story & screenplay)

      Original Music
      Bernhard Kaun (uncredited)

      Arthur L. Todd



      Filming Locations

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: College Coach (1933)

      College Coach (UK title Football Coach) is a 1933 American drama film
      starring Dick Powell and Ann Dvorak.
      The film features John Wayne in his last bit-part role.

      Duke uncredited in another football story,
      another movie where Warner Bros,
      (whilst Duke was around) used him in a walk-on part.

      Ward Bond also in this dated romp.

      User Review
      Oddball Entry in Wellman's Resume
      3 September 2008 | by jbacks3 (United States)

      College Coach isn't a bad film in any respect and better than most of it's contemporary college football-themed brethren, but I'd like to make a few admittedly mild observations: watching it reminded me of the 40-year old looking college "kids" that would do walk-ons on Ozzie and Harriett in the early 60's. Almost all the principal football players here are over 30 (Lyle Talbot was 31, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams 33, Nat Pendleton was 37!)... even Dick Powell was 28 or so. This one's got almost all of Warner's stock company: Donald Meek, the underrated Arthur Hohl, Herman Bing (a tragic comedic character actor), daffy Hugh Herbert, and Guy Kibbee's brother, Milton. It seemed like half the cast of Footlight Parade's here. Another thing: even as late as 1933, college life was an unattainable netherworld to most of the audiences that paid 15-cents to see this. Having the college on the verge of insolvency managed to humanize an institution that might've as well been on Mars to most Depression-era Americans. Made during the late spring-early summer of pre-code 1933, this one's nowhere near as racy as many of the studio's other releases of the year. Bonus: keep your eyes peeled for John Wayne taking one of his many 1933 walk-on breaks from Warner's micro-budget oaters. His future buddy (and fellow right-winger) Ward Bond is also on hand as an assistant coach. Still I don't know how Wellman (who had an astounding 7 films released that year!) sandwiched this between timely Wild Boys of the Road and the steamy Female.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: College Coach (1933)

      I. “College Coach (Warner Bros 1933)… Duke has only one line in this college football film.”

      II. “[Cast] …John Wayne.” Page 702

      III. “As a student greeting Dick Powell's character (three lines of dialogue).”5

      With thanks to Elly
      John Wayne Before Stagecoach
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: College Coach (1933)

      Old one. As mentioned, Duke had a walk on at the very beginning......think he DID have one line. I believe this was a few years after the Big Trail flop, and certain directors were doing favors keeping some young actors working.

      Ward played the assistant coach to Pat O'brien's head coach. One of the first feature films to expose the corruption in University football according to Scott Nollen, author of Three Bad Men.

      Too bad I can't make the pictures larger the way Larry does.......but here is one of Ward with his team. Danged if the Jerseys don't look a bit like the ones in Salute.......maybe they all looked that way back then. KEITH
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE
    • Re: College Coach (1933)

      Thanks Keith. Just remembered, I believe that was as large as the picture was that I got from Scott. But, it is better than that little one with the numbers on it even if you CAN mouse over it..believe it or not, some folks still haven't figured that out. KP
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE