Andy Juaregui Ranch, California

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    • Andy Juaregui Ranch, California

      Disney Golden Oak Ranch
      Placerita Canyon, Newhall, California

      Two Fisted Law
      Riders Of Destiny
      were made here.

      The Andy Jauregui Ranch is now part of the Disney Corporation's holdings.
      It lies between the Disney Golden Oak Ranch and Highway 14.

      The Disney Golden Oak Ranch is located about a half mile
      to the east of Highway 14 andabout a half mile west of the Walker cabin,
      on the north side of Placerita Canyon Road.

      Andy Jauregui first leased the property from Standard Oil (now Chevron) in 1928,
      along with "Fat" Jones, but soon bought out Jones' portion of the lease.

      Filming began around 1929 at the working ranch.

      George 'Gabby' Hayes

      Chevron permitted the Jauregui's, Andy and his wife Camille,
      to remain on the property until they were either dead or no longer resided on the property.
      In 1990, Andy died, and in 1996, Camille moved out and Chevron razed
      all of the buildings on the land.
      The property was sold to its neighbor, the Golden Oak Ranch of Walt Disney.

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      except for a select number of photographs
      and/or images which are copyrighted by their
      respective owners.

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