Mrs. Miniver (1960) (TV)

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    • Mrs. Miniver (1960) (TV)




      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Mrs. Kay Miniver and her family live a comfortable life at a house
      called 'Starlings' in a village outside London.
      The house has a large garden, with a private landing stage on the river Thames, and a motorboat.
      Her husband Clem is a successful architect.
      They have live-in staff:
      Written by ethanedwards

      Full Cast
      Maureen O'Hara ... Mrs. Miniver
      Leo Genn ... Clem Miniver
      Cathleen Nesbitt ... Lady Beldon (as Kathleen Nesbitt)
      Paul Roebling ... Vin Miniver
      Juliet Mills ... Carol Beldon
      Ian Martin ... Mr. Ballard
      Beulah Garrick ... Gladys
      George Turner ... Mr. Foley
      Ronald Long ... Vicar
      Joan Terrace ... Judy Miniver
      Keir Dullea ... German Pilot
      Peter Lazer ... Toby Miniver

      Writing Credits
      Jan Struther novel
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Maureen O'Hara TV- Mrs. Miniver (TV 1960)

      Mrs. Miniver was originally a 1942 drama film directed by William Wyler
      and starring Greer Garson in the title role.
      It was based on the fictional English housewife created by
      Jan Struther in 1937 for a series of newspaper columns,
      Mrs. Miniver.The film won six Academy Awards,
      including Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Director.
      A sequel The Miniver Story was made in 1950 with
      Garson and Pidgeon reprising their roles.
      This the 90 minutes television adaptation was broadcast on CBS in 1960
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: (New Review) Maureen O'Hara TV- Mrs. Miniver (1960)


      In this regard, I can not find the DVD of this show with Maureen.
      If you have or if you know where I can find it, I'd appreciate it.
      Of course, all costs are my responsibility ...
      Thank you in advance

      Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
      French-English translation: poor !!!