Laura Munoz-Bottini

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    • Laura Munoz-Bottini

      [email protected]@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg LAURA MUNOZ BOTTINI

      Mini Biography
      Laura Munoz-Bottini is self employed actress
      known for Kerry and Angie (2012),
      Yesterday's Tomorrow (2007)
      Who Was I?: My Past Lives (2014)

      She is also the owner of Chiaya Designs
      Chiaya is a creative wardrobe piece that is designed
      to express your style,
      confidence, comfort and versatility.

      The Signature Chiaya was created by model/actress Laura Munoz-Bottini.
      The granddaughter of film icon John Wayne.

      Munoz-Bottini grew up in a show business family where she developed
      a unique sense of personal style.
      She created the Chiaya as an improved option to traditional sarongs that don’t stay in place,
      reveal too much skin and do nothing to help flatter a woman’s curves.
      The Chiaya was designed with a built-in spandex body slip to pull in bulges,
      smooth imperfections, flatter the physique beautifully and offer versatility.

      Educated at University of California,she was also

      a Medical Center Representative at Roche laboratories.

      Daughter of Melinda Wayne Munoz and Gregory Munoz
      Grandaughter of John Wayne and Josephine Alicia Saenz
      Laura has 3 children.

      She is also very involved in the
      John Wayne Cancer Foundation

      Laura to my knowledge has only made one movie,
      and plays a small part in the film

      Yesterday's Tomorrow 2007...Roxanne's mother

      Yesterday's Tomorrow is the story of three promising
      young and diverse adults, each with their own destiny
      who through extraordinary circumstances are left to die,
      as their lives collide and harmoniously come together.

      Compiled by ethanedwards

      She recently attended the Cong Aniversay week
      with her Aunt Marisa Wayne

      Johanna, Laura Munoz-Bottini & Marissa Wayne taken in Cong
      With kind permission of Johanna Ní Mháille

      Here is Laura advertising a product
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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