John Wayne Picture Game #297

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  • Who's quote was the funniest for game #296 6

    1. arthurarnell (2) 33%
    2. yomper (1) 17%
    3. Big Jim (1) 17%
    4. dukefan1 (2) 33%

    Hello Gang!

    Don't forget to vote on the last game. It's easy, just click here and chose a winner. Then, come back and vote!

    We have yet another tie this week!

    The winners of game #295 are...

    yomper, brick and ethanedwards. :))): :))): :))):

    Now. on to the next game. Take a look at the picture below and post a funny comment. Have fun with it!

    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Girl : Did he faint ?

    Duke : yep, he keeled over, right after he asked for my autograph !

    Windage & Elevation !

  • Bruce: "Duke, what happened?!"

    Duke: "Ah this zebra back here had too much sweet feed again. The wind was in the wrong direction, Red got a big wiff of zebra poop and... well... there ya are."

    Duke: "Michele you've been nursing him for 20 minutes now! Slap him around and get him woke up. We got a film to shoot!"


    "I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please."

  • Hi

    Due: Pockets you turn this into a death scene and your going to steal the picture from under my nose.

    Pockets: Mmmm Don't listen to him Michele you just carry on doing what your doing



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • is he dead nah but he will be!

    Mister you better find yourself another line of work, cause this one sure DON"T fit your PISTOL!

  • Duke: Aw, you can stop sucking on his lips, girly, he wasn't snake bit. That was a rubber snake he had stuck in his mouth. Nice try, Pockets.

    Pockets: It was working till you opened up yer yap!

    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "