Cesar Romero

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    • Cesar Romero


      Information from IMDb

      Date of Birth
      15 February 1907, New York City, New York, USA

      Date of Death
      1 January 1994, Santa Monica, California, USA (bronchitis and pneumonia)

      Birth Name
      Cesar Julio Romero Jr.

      Latin from Manhattan

      6' 2" (1.88 m)

      Trade Mark
      His moustache

      TV writer Mark Evanier remarked that Romero was usually easily available to cast for TV show
      guest appearances. Apparently, Evanier knew at least one crew member on a TV show who
      prepared roles with Romero in mind as a default choice in the likely event that a preferred guest
      star would pull out of a guest appearance.

      Refused to shave off his mustache when he played the role of The Joker in "Batman" (1966).
      Close observation shows how the white clown make-up was applied right over his much loved

      His maternal grandparents were exiled Cubans Carmen and her invalid husband, Manuel Mantilla.
      Their daughter, María Mantilla--Romero's mother--is generally believed to have been the daughter
      of Cuban poet and revolutionary hero José Martí, who also wrote "Guantánamera" ("Yo soy un
      hombre sincero . . . ").

      Has never worked directly with George Clooney, but Clooney has starred in two remakes of movies
      Romero was in. Romero played the Joker in "Batman" (1966), and Clooney played Batman in
      Batman & Robin (1997). Romero also appeared in the original Ocean's Eleven (1960), the remake of
      which--Ocean's Eleven (2001)--starred Clooney.

      He believed that to live well you must dress well. And never in the same outfit.
      His closets held 30 tuxedos, 200 sports jackets, and 500 suits.

      Is one of two Batman villains to share roles with actors who played Batman.
      He, Adam West and Val Kilmer have all played John 'Doc' Holliday, in Frontier Marshal (1939),
      "Colt .45" (1957), "Lawman" (1958) and Tombstone (1993), respectively.
      Christian Bale and Heath Ledger both played Bob Dylan in I'm Not There. (2007)

      Was the first actor to play the Joker in a live action adaptation of the Batman character.

      At 6'2" he was the tallest actor to have played the Joker in a (non-fan-made) live-action Batman
      production. Heath Ledger was six-foot-one and Jack Nicholson was nearly five-foot-ten.

      Mini Biography
      Tall, suave and sophisticated Cesar Romero actually had two claims to fame in Hollywood.
      To one generation, he was the distinguished Latin lover of numerous musicals and romantic
      comedies, and the rogue bandit The Cisco Kid in a string of low-budget westerns.
      However, to a younger generation weaned on television, Romero was better known as
      the white-faced, green-haired, cackling villain The Joker of the camp 1960s TV series "Batman"
      (1966), and as a bumbling corporate villain in a spate of Walt Disney comedies,
      such as chasing a young Kurt Russell in the fun-packed The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969).
      Fans and critics alike agreed that Romero was a major talent who proved himself an enduring and
      versatile star in an overwhelming variety of roles in a career as an actor, dancer and comedian
      that lasted nearly 60 years.

      Cesar Romero was born of Cuban parents in New York City in February 1907.
      He attended Collegiate & Riverdale County Schools before working as a ballroom dancer.
      He first appeared on Broadway in the 1927 production of Lady Do, and then in the stage
      production of Strictly Dishonorable. His first film role was in The Shadow Laughs (1933),
      after which he gave strong performances in The Devil Is a Woman (1935)
      and in the Shirley Temple favorite, Wee Willie Winkie (1937).

      Critics and fans generally agree that Romero's best performance was as the Spanish explorer
      Cortez in Captain from Castile (1947). However, he also shone in the delightful Julia Misbehaves
      (1948) and several other breezy and light-hearted escapades. In 1953 he starred in the 39-part
      espionage TV serial "Passport to Danger" (1954), which earned him a considerable income
      due to a canny profit-sharing arrangement. Although Romero became quite wealthy and
      had no need to work, he could not stay away from being in front of the cameras.
      He continued to appear in a broad variety of film roles, but surprised everyone in
      Hollywood by taking on the role of "The Joker" in the hugely successful TV series "Batman"
      (1966). He refused to shave his trademark mustache for the role, and close observation shows

      how the white clown makeup went straight on over his much loved mustache!
      The appearances in Batman were actually only a small part of the enormous amount
      of work that Romero contributed to television. He guest-starred in dozens of shows,
      including "Rawhide" (1959), "77 Sunset Strip" (1958), "Zorro" (1957), "Fantasy Island" (1977)
      and "Murder, She Wrote" (1984).
      However, it was The Joker for which his TV work
      was best remembered, and Romero often remarked that for many, many years after Batman
      ended, fans would stop him and ask him to chuckle and giggle away just like he did
      as The Joker. Romero always obliged, and both he and the fans just loved it!

      With a new appeal to a younger fan base, Romero turned up in three highly popular Disney
      comedies: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969), Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972)
      and The Strongest Man in the World (1975) as corrupt but inept villain A.J. Arno.
      Throughout the remainder of the 1980s Romero remained busy, and even at 78 years of age
      the ladies still loved his charm, and he was cast as Jane Wyman's love interest in the
      top-rated prime-time soap opera "Falcon Crest" (1981), playing Peter Stavros from
      1985 to 1987.

      Although Romero stopped acting in 1990, he remained busy, regularly hosting classic movie
      programs on cable television. A talented and much loved Hollywood icon,
      he passed away on New Year's Day 1994, at the age of 86.
      IMDb Mini Biography By: firehouse44

      Personal Quotes
      Why [producer William Dozier] wanted me for "Batman" (1966),
      I'll never know, because I asked
      his wife, Ann Rutherford, "Why did Bill think of me for this part?" She said, "I don't know,
      He said he saw you in something, and he said, 'He's the one I want to play the Joker'."

      I haven't the slightest idea what it was he saw me in, because I had never done anything
      like it before.

      I was very surprised when [producer William Dozier] called me and said he was doing a series
      called "Batman" (1966) and the important characters were the villains.
      They had done the first two with the Riddler and the Penguin with Frank Gorshin and Burgess
      Meredith, and now they were ready to do the third, and the villain was the Joker.
      He said, "I would like you to play the part". So I said I would like to read the script and know
      what it is all about. He said, "Come on over to the studio, and I will show you the film of the first
      episode". Of course, it was great. I said, "Let me read this Joker part, and if it is as good as the
      first one, hell yes, I will do it". So I read the script, and I thought it was a gas, and I said,
      "Sure, I'll do it".

      I was never stereotyped as just a Latin lover in any case because I played so many parts
      in so many pictures. I was more of a character actor than a straight leading man.
      I did many kinds of characters -- Hindus, Indians, Italians.
      There were very few pictures where I ended up with the girl.

      I had enormous fun playing the Joker on "Batman" (1966). I ended up doing something like 20
      episodes of "Batman", as well as the full-length feature film version [Batman (1966)].
      There was certainly nothing hard about that assignment! Even the make-up sessions
      weren't too bad. It took about an hour-and-a-half to put the full make-up on,
      including the green wig. I didn't mind it at all.

      I thought it was very humanitarian of Sean Penn and Madonna to marry each other.
      That way, they make only two people miserable instead of four.

      1998 The Right Way
      1985-1992 Murder, She Wrote (TV series)
      Diego Santana / Marcello Abruzzi
      – Murder in Milan (1992) … Marcello Abruzzi
      – Paint Me a Murder (1985) … Diego Santana
      1992 Jack's Place (TV series) – Solo (1992) … Tony Yaniger
      1990 The Golden Girls (TV series)– Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Before They Die (1990) … Tony Delveccio
      1990 Babes (TV series) – Dream Vacation (1990)
      1990 Mulberry Street (TV movie) ...Dominic Savoia
      1989 Simple Justice ...Vincenzo DiLorenzo
      1988 The Tracey Ullman Show (TV series)– Episode #3.2 (1988) … Roland Diego
      1985-1988 Falcon Crest (TV series)
      – Farewell My Lovelies (1988) … Peter Stavros
      – Changing Times (1988) … Peter Stavros
      – Opening Moves (1987) … Peter Stavros (voice) (uncredited)
      – Desperation (1987) … Peter Stavros
      – Chain Reaction (1987) … Peter Stavros
      In all 51 episodes
      1988 Judgement Day ...Octavio
      1988 Mortuary Academy ...Ship's Captain
      1984-1986 The Love Boat (TV series)
      Carlos Belmonte / John Stockton / Mr. Drake
      – Matadors, The/Mrs. Jameson Comes Out/Love's Labors Found/Marry Me, Marry Me: Part 1 (1986) … Carlos Belmonte
      – Matadors, The/Mrs. Jameson Comes Out/Love's Labors Found/Marry Me, Marry Me: Part 2 (1986) … Carlos Belmonte
      – Love on the Line/Don't Call Me Gopher/Her Honor, the Mayor (1985) … John Stockton
      – No More Alimony/How Do I Love Thee/Authoress Authoress (1984) … Mr. Drake
      1985-1986 Riptide (TV series)
      – The Pirate and the Princess (1986) … Angelo Guirilini
      – Arrivederci, Baby (1985) … Angelo Guirilini
      1986 Blacke's Magic (TV series) – Ten Tons of Trouble (1986) … Eduardo Tozzi
      1985 Berrenger's (TV series)
      – Hidden Agenda (1985) … Rinaldi
      – Power Play (1985) … Rinaldi
      – Overture (1985) … Rinaldi
      1985 Lust in the Dust ...Father Garcia
      1985 Magnum, P.I. (TV series) – Little Games (1985) … Doc Villoroch
      1985 Flesh and Bullets
      1984 We Think the World Is Round (TV movie) ...Santa Maria (voice)
      1979-1983 Fantasy Island (TV series)
      Edmond Rome / Maestro Roger Alexander / Mr. Kragen / …
      – The Butler's Affair/Roarke's Sacrifice (1983) … Edmond Rome
      – The Tallowed Image/Room and Bard (1983) … Mr. Kragen
      – Loving Strangers/Something Borrowed, Something Blue... (1981) … Maestro Roger Alexander
      – Pentagram/A Little Ball/The Casting Director (1979) … Sheikh Hameel Habib
      1983 Hart to Hart (TV series)– Chamber of Lost Harts (1983) … Dr. Villac
      1982 Matt Houston (TV series) – Who Would Kill Ramona? (1982) … Miles Gantry (as Caesar Romero)
      1980 Charlie's Angels (TV series) – Dancin' Angels (1980) … Elton Mills
      1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series) – Vegas in Space (1979) … Amos Armat
      1978 Vega$ (TV series) – Lost Women (1978) … Christopher Vincente
      1977 Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready (TV movie) ...Teodoro Bruzizi
      1977 Mission to Glory: A True Story
      1977 Chico and the Man (TV series) – Chico's Padre (1977) … Gilbero Rodriguez
      1976 Ellery Queen (TV series) – The Adventure of the Wary Witness (1976) … Armand Danello
      1976 Carioca tigre ...Don Rosalindo Y Guana
      1975 Timber Tramps ...Greedy sawmill mogul
      1975 Medical Center (TV series)– The High Cost of Winning (1975) … Packy
      1975 The Strongest Man in the World ...A.J. Arno
      1974 Ironside (TV series) – The Lost Cotillion (1974) … Tony Hudson
      1974 The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe ...Dr. Richard Grimaldi
      1974 Banacek (TV series) – The Vanishing Chalice (1974) … Marius Avantalu
      1974 The Haunted Mouth (short) ...B. Plaque (Narrator)
      1973 Chase (TV series) – A Bit of Class (1973) … Parker
      1971-1972 Alias Smith and Jones (TV series)
      – The McCreedy Feud (1972) … Armendariz
      – The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone (1972) … Armendariz
      – The McCreedy Bust (1971) … Armendariz
      1972 The Mod Squad (TV series) – The Connection (1972) … Frank Barton
      1972 The Proud and Damned ...San Carlos' Mayor
      1972 Now You See Him, Now You Don't ...A.J. Arno
      1971-1972 The Jimmy Stewart Show (TV series)
      Adm. Decker / Harris Crofton
      – A Bone of Much Contention (1972) … Adm. Decker
      – A Hunch in Time (1971) … Harris Crofton
      1971 Night Gallery (TV series) – The Diary/A Matter of Semantics/Big Surprise/Professor
      Peabody's Last Lecture (1971) … Count Dracula (segment "A Matter of Semantics")
      1971 Love, American Style (TV series) – Love and the Duel/Love and the Note/Love and the Young Unmarrieds (1971)
      … (segment "Love and the Duel")
      1971 Nanny and the Professor (TV series) – The Man Who Came to Pasta (1971) … Schiavoni
      1970 The Red, White, and Black ...Col. Grierson
      1970 Julia (TV series)
      Bunny / Bernard Henderson
      – Bowled Over (1970) … Bunny
      – Altar Ego (1970)
      – Half Past Sick (1970) … Bunny
      – Bunny Hug (1970) … Bernard Henderson
      – Absence Makes the Heart Glow (1970) … Bunny
      1970 Bewitched (TV series) – Salem, Here We Come (1970) … Ernest Hitchcock
      1956-1970 The Red Skelton Show (TV series)
      Advertising Agency Executive / Big Bill - Racketeer / Clayton Harrison / …
      – Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make: So They Added Iron Bars (1970) … Prison Convict
      – Episode #16.25 (1967) … Mustapha Dame
      – Episode #15.15 (1965) … Harry Cleancut
      – Keep the Tramp Fires Burning (1964) … Concierge
      – Red Fails in the Sunset (1963) … Witch Doctor
      In all 12 episodes
      1970 It Takes a Thief (TV series) – Beyond a Treasonable Doubt (1970) … Mike
      1969 The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes ...A.J. Arno
      1966-1969 Daniel Boone (TV series)
      Buenaventura / Colonel Carlos Navarro / Esteban de Vaca
      – The Grand Alliance (1969) … Buenaventura
      – Bitter Mission (1967) … Colonel Carlos Navarro
      – Gabriel (1966) … Esteban de Vaca
      1969 Ido zero daisakusen ...Dr. Malic/Lt. Hastings
      1969 Target: Harry ...Lt. George Duval
      1969 A Run on Gold ...Carlo Dodero
      1969 Crooks and Coronets ...Nick Marco
      1969 Here's Lucy (TV series) – A Date for Lucy (1969) … Tony Rivera
      1969 A Talent for Loving ...General Molina
      1968 Skidoo ...Hechy
      1968 Hot Millions ...Customs Inspector
      1968 Madigan's Million ...Mike Madigan
      1968 Get Smart (TV series) – The Reluctant Redhead (1968) … Kinsey Krispen
      1966-1968 Batman (TV series)
      – The Joker's Flying Saucer (1968) … The Joker
      – The Joke's on Catwoman (1968) … The Joker
      – The Funny Feline Felonies (1967) … The Joker
      – The Ogg Couple (1967) … The Joker (uncredited)
      – Surf's Up! Joker's Under! (1967) … The Joker
      In all 21 episodes
      1967 T.H.E. Cat (TV series) – Queen of Diamonds, Knave of Hearts (1967) … Gordon Amley
      1966 Clown Alley (TV movie) ...Clown
      1966 Batman ...The Joker
      1959-1965 Rawhide (TV series)
      Ben Teagle / Big Tim Sloan / Colonel Vasquez / …
      – The Vasquez Woman (1965) … Colonel Vasquez
      – Incident at Rio Doloroso (1963) … Don Francisco Maldenado
      – The Child-Woman (1962) … Big Tim Sloan
      – Incident of the Stalking Death (1959) … Ben Teagle
      1965 Marriage on the Rocks ...Miguel Santos
      1965 Sergeant Dead Head ...Admiral Stoneham
      1965 Ben Casey (TV series) – Did Your Mother Come from Ireland, Ben Casey? (1965) … Frederic Delano
      1965 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV series) – The Never-Never Affair (1965) … Victor Gervais
      1965 Branded (TV series) – The Mission: Part 2 (1965) … General Arriola
      1963-1965 Burke's Law (TV series)
      Antonio Cardoza / Gregorio Jonas / Louis Simone / …
      – Who Killed the Rest? (1965) … Police Chief Alvaro
      – Who Killed Davidian Jonas? (1964) … Gregorio Jonas
      – Who Killed Don Pablo? (1964) … Antonio Cardoza
      – Who Killed Snooky Martinelli? (1964) … Louis Simone
      – Who Killed Billy Jo? (1963) … Marcus DeGrute
      1965 Bonanza (TV series) – The Deadliest Game (1965) … Guido Borelli
      1965 Two on a Guillotine ...John Harley 'Duke' Duquesne
      1964 A House Is Not a Home ...Lucky Luciano
      1964 Dr. Kildare (TV series) – Onions, Garlic and Flowers That Bloom in the Spring (1964) … Dr. Paul Marino
      1963 77 Sunset Strip (TV series)
      – 5: Part 5 (1963) … Lorenzo Cestari
      – 5: Part 4 (1963) … Lorenzo Cestari
      – 5: Part 3 (1963) … Lorenzo Cestari
      – 5: Part 2 (1963) … Lorenzo Cestari
      – 5: Part 1 (1963) … Lorenzo Cestari
      1963 Donovan's Reef ...Marquis Andre de Lage
      1963 El valle de las espadas ...Jerónimo
      1963 The Dick Powell Show (TV series) – Charlie's Duet (1963) … Louis Samson
      1962 If a Man Answers ...Robert Swan/Adam Wright
      1962 The Beachcomber (TV series)
      Jaoquin Perez / Krasny
      – The Spaniard (1962) … Jaoquin Perez
      – Flight to Freedom (1962) … Krasny
      1962 Follow the Sun (TV series) – A Ghost in Her Gazebo (1962) … Jason Berry
      1962 Target: The Corruptors (TV series) – My Native Land (1962) … Dimitris Hagias
      1962 We Shall Return ...Carlos Rodriguez
      1961 Seven Women from Hell ...Luis Hullman
      1961 The DuPont Show of the Week (TV series) – The Ballet of the Paper Bullet (1961) … Lukas
      1960-1961 Stagecoach West (TV series)
      Francisco Martinez / Manolo Lalanda
      – The Big Gun (1961) … Francisco Martinez
      – A Time to Run (1960) … Manolo Lalanda
      1958-1961 Zane Grey Theater (TV series)
      Carlos Gandara / Francisco / Tom Bowdry
      – Man from Everywhere (1961) … Tom Bowdry
      – The Reckoning (1960) … Francisco
      – Threat of Violence (1958) … Carlos Gandara
      1961 The Runaway ...Father Dugan
      1960 The Ann Sothern Show (TV series) – Hasta Luego (1960) … Bernardo Diaz
      1960 Pete and Gladys (TV series)– Crime of Passion (1960) … Ricky Valenti
      1960 The Chevy Mystery Show (TV series) – The Suicide Club (1960) … Prince Florizel
      1960 Ocean's Eleven ...Duke Santos
      1960 The Betty Hutton Show (TV series) – Goldie Without Men (1960) … Cesar Romero
      1960 Five Fingers (TV series) – Counterfeit (1960) … Ferri
      1959 Hotel de Paree (TV series) – Sundance and the Violent Siege (1959) … Charlie Pendleton
      1959 Mis secretarias privadas ...Rafael Travesi
      1959 Death Valley Days (TV series) – Oblivion (1959)
      1959 The Texan (TV series) – Caballero (1959) … Captain Joaquin Acosta
      1959 Zorro (TV series)
      – The Legend of Zorro (1959) … Esteban de la Cruz
      – Zorro Versus Cupid (1959) … Esteban de la Cruz
      – Tornado Is Missing (1959) … Esteban de la Cruz
      – The Gay Caballero (1959) … Esteban de la Cruz
      1958 Villa!! ...Tomás Lopez
      1958 Studio One (TV series) – Birthday Present (1958) … Pat De Carlo
      1958 Target (TV series) – Bandit's Cave (1958)
      1958 Wagon Train (TV series) – The Honorable Don Charlie Story (1958) … Hon Don 'Charlie' Carlos de Fuentes
      1954-1958 Passport to Danger (TV series)
      – Ankara (1958) … Steve McQuinn
      – Edinburgh (1956) … Steve McQuinn
      – Havana (1956) … Steve McQuinn
      – Belgrade (1956) … Steve McQuinn
      – Helsinki (1956) … Steve McQuinn
      In all all 25 episodes
      1957 Navy Log (TV series) – The Beach Pounders (1957) … Host
      1957 The Story of Mankind ...Spanish Envoy
      1957 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (TV series) – Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana (1957) … Carlos Garcia
      1952-1957 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV series)
      – An Old Spanish Custom (1957)
      – Tango (1952)
      1953-1957 The Ford Television Theatre (TV series)
      – The Lie (1957) … Christoforo
      – All's Fair in Love (1953)
      1954-1957 Climax! (TV series)
      Mendy Mendez / Miguel
      – Strange Sanctuary (1957) … Miguel
      – The Long Goodbye (1954) … Mendy Mendez
      1956 Studio 57 (TV series) – Mrs. Snyder (1956) … Duke Thompson
      1956 Saturday Spectacular: Manhattan Tower (TV movie) ...Mambo Teacher
      1956 Around the World in Eighty Days ...Achmed Abdullah's Henchman
      1956 The Leather Saint ...Tony Lorenzo
      1956 Celebrity Playhouse (TV series) – Bachelor Husband (1956) … Ricardo Aguilar
      1956 Private Secretary (TV series)
      – In Darkest Manhatten (1956)
      1956 Chevron Hall of Stars (TV series) – Happy New Year (1956)
      1955 Lux Video Theatre (TV series) – Appointment for Love (1955)
      1955 Damon Runyon Theater (TV series) – Situation Wanted (1955) … Spanish John
      1955 Such Men Are Dangerous ...Carlos Chavez
      1955 The Americano ...Manuel Silvera/'El Gato'/Barbossa
      1954 Vera Cruz ...Marquis Henri de Labordere
      1954 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (TV series)
      – When the Police Arrive (1954)
      1953 Your Chevrolet Showroom (TV series) ...Emcee
      1953 Prisoners of the Casbah ...Firouz
      1953 Street of Shadows ...Luigi
      1953 El corazón y la espada ...Don Pedro
      1952 Lady in the Fog ...Philip 'Phil' O'Dell
      1952 The Jungle ...Rama Singh
      1951 Gruen Guild Playhouse (TV series) – The Case of the Cavorting Statue (1951)
      1951 FBI Girl ...FBI Agent Glen Stedman
      1951 Lost Continent ...Maj. Joe Nolan
      1951 Happy Go Lovely ...John Frost
      1951 The Bigelow Theatre (TV series) – Big Hello (1951) … The Manager
      1950 Once a Thief ...Mitch Moore
      1950 Love That Brute ...Pretty Willie Wetzchahofsky
      1949 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend ...Blackie Jobero
      1948 That Lady in Ermine ...Count Mario
      1948 Julia Misbehaves ...Fred Ghenoccio
      1948 Deep Waters ...Joe Sanger
      1948 Variety (TV series) – A Letter from Home (1948)
      1947 Captain from Castile ...Hernando Cortez
      1947 Carnival in Costa Rica ...Pepe Castro
      1943 Wintertime ...Brad Barton
      1943 Coney Island ...Joe Rocco
      1942 Springtime in the Rockies ...Victor Prince
      1942 Orchestra Wives ...St. John 'Sinjin' Smith
      1942 Tales of Manhattan ...Harry Wilson
      1942 A Gentleman at Heart ...Tony Miller
      1941 Week-End in Havana ...Monte Blanca
      1941 Dance Hall ...Duke McKay
      1941 The Great American Broadcast ...Bruce Chadwick
      1941 Ride on Vaquero ...Cisco Kid
      1941 Tall, Dark and Handsome ...J.J. 'Shep' Morrison
      1941 Romance of the Rio Grande ..Cisco Kid / posing as Carlos Hernandez
      1940 The Gay Caballero
      The Cisco Kid
      1940 Lucky Cisco Kid ...The Cisco Kid
      1940 Viva Cisco Kid ...Cisco Kid
      1940 He Married His Wife ...Freddie
      1939 The Cisco Kid and the Lady ...Cisco Kid
      1939 Charlie Chan at Treasure Island ...Fred Rhadini
      1939 Frontier Marshal ...John 'Doc' Halliday
      1939 Return of the Cisco Kid ...Lopez
      1939 The Little Princess ...Ram Dass
      1939 Wife, Husband and Friend ...Hugo
      1938 Five of a Kind ...Duke Lester
      1938 My Lucky Star ...George Cabot Jr
      1938 Always Goodbye ...Count Giovanni 'Gino' Corini
      1938 Happy Landing ...Duke Sargent
      1937 Dangerously Yours ...Victor Morell
      1937 Wee Willie Winkie ...Khoda Khan
      1937 Armored Car ...Petack
      1937 She's Dangerous...Nick Sheldon/Al Shaw
      1936 Fifteen Maiden Lane ...Frank Peyton
      1936 Public Enemy's Wife ...Gene Maroc
      1936 Nobody's Fool ...Dizzy Rantz
      1936 Love Before Breakfast ...Bill Wadsworth
      1935 Tainted Money ...Tobey
      1935 Rendezvous ...Capt. Nicholas 'Nikki' Nieterstein
      1935 Metropolitan ...Niki Baroni
      1935 Diamond Jim ...Jerry Richardson
      1935 Uniform Lovers ...Gigolo Georgie
      1935 The Devil Is a Woman ...Antonio Galvan
      1935 Cardinal Richelieu ...Andre de Pons
      1935 The Good Fairy ...Joe
      1935 Clive of India ...Mir Jaffar
      1934 Strange Wives ...Boris
      1934 Cheating Cheaters ...Tom Palmer
      1934 British Agent ...Tito Del Val
      1934 The Thin Man ...Chris Jorgenson
      1933 The Shadow Laughs


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    • Re: Pals of the Saddle - Cesar Romero

      Cesar Romero was a tall, suave, flamboyant character actor,
      who initillially found fame known in The Cisco Kid,
      then as The Joker in Batman, made some 195 features,
      which included many favoutite TV series of the time.


      Cesar made just 1 movie with Duke

      Donovan's Reef (1963)...Marquis Andre de Lage
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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