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      The Ringo Kid wrote:

      Got a few if not minded and none as far as I know--worked with Duke.

      Richard Greene.
      John Mills.
      Nigel Greene.
      Trevor Howard.
      Michael Caine.
      Roger Moore.
      Sean Connery (I know he appeared in The Longest Day) but?
      Harry Andrews.
      Charles Laughton.
      Richard Burton.(Ditto)
      Dana Andrews.
      Telly Savalas.
      Richard Basehart.
      Richard Harris.
      Basil Rathbone.
      David Niven.
      Robert Newton.
      Michael Redgrave.
      Anthony Hopkins.
      Richard Attenborough.

      As you can tell--a lot of "untouched" names. :lol:

      Dana Andrews Was In The Film In Harm's Way With The Duke.Can't Remember Had They A Scene Together