JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

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    • JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

      Hi All,

      As most of you know I'm from the UK and I got several JW domes bought for me some years ago, I'd be keen to sell the following 5 if anyone wants to bid a fair price for them, they are all in immaculate condition.

      The movies depicted are as follows:

      She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (sold)
      Red River (sold)
      The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
      The Cowboys
      The Shootist
      The Alamo
      The Big Trail


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    • Re: JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

      Gosh Chester, now you're asking a tough question and one I really didn't give any thought to. I'm not sure what price these figures go for as they were bought for me as a present and I thought that there's little point in me having duplicates hence the reason for the sale. I would like to see them go to a good home and if anyone wants to make a financial contribution too that would be acceptable to me.

      As for shipping I would imagine £10-£12 should cover it.
    • Re: JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

      Just to update, below are the remaining figures that I have,

      1. "The Shootist".
      2. "Sands of Iwo Jima".
      3. "The Cowboys".
      4. "The Big Trail".
      5. "Hondo".
      6. "Stagecoach".
      7. "The Man who Shot Liberty Valance".
      8. "El Dorado".
      9. "The Green Berets".
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