JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

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  • JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

    Hi All,

    As most of you know I'm from the UK and I got several JW domes bought for me some years ago, I'd be keen to sell the following 5 if anyone wants to bid a fair price for them, they are all in immaculate condition.

    The movies depicted are as follows:

    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (sold)
    Red River (sold)
    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
    The Cowboys
    The Shootist
    The Alamo
    The Big Trail


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  • Re: JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

    Gosh Chester, now you're asking a tough question and one I really didn't give any thought to. I'm not sure what price these figures go for as they were bought for me as a present and I thought that there's little point in me having duplicates hence the reason for the sale. I would like to see them go to a good home and if anyone wants to make a financial contribution too that would be acceptable to me.

    As for shipping I would imagine £10-£12 should cover it.
  • Re: JW Franklin Mint Domes For Sale

    Hondo Apache wrote:

    I don't know what these usually go for, so I'm not sure what a fair price would be, but I am interested in at least one. Do you have any pictures and do they come in their original boxes?


    I think some of my responses have went missing but yes some of my domes are still for sale.