Careful Please (1926)

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  • Hello Chester & Arthur

    Apart from the publisher, (I have no wish to do anything other than enjoy this hobby and share my findings with other JW fans) I have already sent it to the others.

    The official JW message board never displayed my post?

    The only reply I had (From Tim Lilley) I posted here.


    Be who you are & say what you feel Because those who mind dont matter & those who matter dont mind

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  • Very good suggestion, Arthur

    Elly, where is Tim Lilley's response posted here, as I missed it.

    Chester :newyear:

    Hello Jim

    Post number 7

    kind regards


    Be who you are & say what you feel Because those who mind dont matter & those who matter dont mind

  • Yes, well done and I agree with the above posts.
    The more that they know of your research the better.
    As Jim said, why should some author take credit.
    Why they couldn't even tell us where Duke met Ford,
    we had to tell them that as well!!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Hello Pompon, and welcome to the forum. I did a quick search for you, but can't really find a copy of the film. I did find a 3 minute excerpt on Youtube. Try looking there. Sorry I couldn't help more. Maybe someone else will know.


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  • After reading Richard Roberts writeup on a silent media forum, I'm convinced its not Duke. He has an original copy of the movie, not the grainy ones most people view. Here is part of what he says:
    Well, as the owner of the razor-sharp original Bell and Howell Show-at-Home printdown that the rather middling dupe of CAREFUL PLEASE that Dave Stevenson used for his LTL video transfer was made from, I pulled the print and looked at it carefully in slow motion, and I hate to say I disagree that it is John Wayne in that scene. The face peeking out from the window with Dick Sutherland sorta looks like the Duke in that less-than-stellar video transfer, until the guy actually puts his whole profile out the window a few frames later, the resemblance to Wayne dissapears, the chin is all wrong. Secondly, in the inside shot, the same man is seen fighting with the other men, he is against the back wall facing toward the camera in the background. The main issue is the height problem. Wayne was 6'4", Lloyd Hamilton was 6'. Hamilton is standing near the fight, and is the tallest guy in the room, tall as Dick Sutherland(also 6') and taller than all the other extras, including the one purported to be Wayne. At 6'4", Wayne would stand out like a sore thumb in that room if he was there.

    The last problem is the timing. CAREFUL PLEASE was released February 7, 1926, which means it went into production no later than December,1925, and could have certainly been produced earlier. Wayne was at USC at the time, and did not even get into the movies until Tom MIx got him a summer job as a prop man at Fox in the late Spring/Summer of 1926. CAREFUL PLEASE is just a hair early to be one of the Hamilton comedies Wayne had a bit or extra role in, especially when he remembered doing the Hamilton comedies after he was already at Fox.

  • Hello.
    I'm looking for this film.
    Can you say me where i can find it ?
    Great thanks.

    If you haven't found a copy yet, I know a guy who sells them. Don't know if I can post that, but send me an email at railfan at, and I'll forward you his email list of films