WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

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    • Re: WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

      hi Keith

      thanks for copying it and as you say does not say where or when but interesting just the same.

      And thanks Bill!
      Be who you are & say what you feel Because those who mind dont matter & those who matter dont mind
    • Re: WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

      From the book John Wayne:American. Pages 60 & 61

      Ralph 'Pexy' Eckles.
      Remembered several jobs they got with MGM.
      Duke doubled for Francis X. Bushman in Brown of Harvard,
      and he portrayed a spear carrying guard in Bardlelys the Magnificent.
      Eckles recalled:
      Duke and I enjoyed such work...
      and were grateful for the pay..
      which was eight to ten dollars a day...
      good money back then...

      Football films were popular in Hollywood.
      Nearly all the studios were making them...
      and so were coming over to USC and using students as extras.
      Duke worked as a football player in several of them

      Inj the Spring of 1926, Duke also worked that semester
      as an extra in MGM's Annie Laurie.
      Intrigued with the industry, he wrangled a screen test at MGM.

      Iron Eyes Cody, remembered meeting Duke in the spring of 1926.,

      Duke started working for Fox in the Summer of 1926,
      commencing with the Great K & A Train Robbery

      The book goes on to say Duke worked on sets
      on the swing gang, as a glorified furniture mover.
      It was on one of the sets that Ford met him,
      but it does NOT say which one,
      but that it was around June 1926.

      The book John Wayne- The Politics of Celebrity. Garry Mills.Page 68.

      Suggest the two met in 1926 or 1927.
      with the often mentioned 'kicking on the rump',
      Again though, it does not say on which set.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

      Here is a little more info. as told by Duke on when He first meet John Ford and where !
      John Ford's "Salute" (1929) was an inexpensive action movie about the football rivalry between the Army and the Navy. Shooting, however, began before the semester was over and Duke had to persuade the university' president to let the students appear in the movie. :biggrin:
      Duke said he did a good public relations job, stressing the rewards of such an experience: the travel to Annaplois and Washington D.C., the learning of the country's political and military institutions, and, of course, the money ! :hyper:
      Producer Sol Wurtzel offered each football player 75 dollars a week, but Wayne, trying to impress him with his modesty, suggested instead only 50 dollars. Then Wurtzel proceeded to tell Wayne the bad news: “I forgot to mention to you, Duke, that you're doing double duty on this picture. You're still doing propping work, and playing football too. Congratulations! You just screwed yourself out of twenty-five bucks a week!” :omg2:
      Ironically, Wayne was cast in "Salute" as George O'Brien's brother Bill, a cadet at the Annapolis Academy, something he could never achieve in his real life. The critical response to the film was not all that good, but "Salute" was very popular at the box-office. This picture is also important for marking the beginning of a life-long work and friendship for Duke with Ward Bond, another student at U.S.C., who went on to become an actor, by accident, like John Wayne !!! Bill :cowboy:
    • Re: WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

      Bill's post mentions that they met on the set of Salute,
      but this is NOT where they met!
      This movie is the first time Ford cast him as a support role/ extra,
      and the first movie that Duke spoke in, see:
      Salute (1929)
      The facts are, that they met way before then,
      on a previous set, when Duke was on the 'swing gang'
      as mentioned in all the previous posts/ quotes.

      Ford 'kicked him on the rump' on one of those sets,
      but which one? that is what we want to know!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

      Just checked out the the beginning of the documentary

      Directed by John Ford (1971) Peter Bogdanovich

      Duke actually states on camera, that it was on the set
      of Mother Machree, (1928)
      when Ford got him herding the geese,
      that it was this movie where he was 'kicked'
      and that it was THIS movie that was his FIRST job with Mr Ford

      Duke states:
      So when Mr. Ford needed a goose herder for his set,
      it just fit my pistol. They had a hill made up, a fake hill for this
      set of Mother Machree and the geese, were getting down under
      the two by fours there, and they needed a fella to herd them out.
      so that was my first job with Mr Ford

      Duke went on to say
      So you're a footballer player said Mr Ford, get down
      on my forearms and feet, and just kicked my arms from under me,
      and stuck my nose in the mud that they'd made for Mother Machree,

      and the rest is history.

      As production started in September 1926
      this would fit with all the information from the books.

      I for one cannot dispute or argue with what Duke actually said!!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: WHEN did JW Meet FORD?

      Hi Keith

      Thanks so much for this confirmation.

      If I was writing a book I would certainly use JW words for how and when he met Ford.

      This was probably the most important relationship of JW life - far outlasting any of his 3 marriages,

      I have no doubt whatsoever that although JW may not have correctly recalled his early film career before Ford, he would have never forgotten how and when he met Ford.

      That is not to say that Ford had not already seen JW on the set of Great K&A train robbery but that they actually met on set of Mother Machree.

      I have now gone full circle with this!!!

      Be who you are & say what you feel Because those who mind dont matter & those who matter dont mind

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