Strong Boy (1929)

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    • Strong Boy (1929)



      Information from IMDb

      Full Cast
      Victor McLaglen ... Strong Boy
      Leatrice Joy ... Mary McGregor
      J. Farrell MacDonald ... Angus McGregor
      Clyde Cook ... Pete
      Buddy Roosevelt ... Wilbur Watkins (as Kent Sanderson)
      Douglas Scott ... Wobby
      Slim Summerville ... Slim
      Tom Wilson ... Baggage master
      Eulalie Jensen ... Queen of Lisonia
      David Torrence ... Railroad president
      Dolores Johnson ... Prima donna
      Robert Ryan ... Baggage man
      Jack Pennick ... Baggage man

      Writing Credits
      Andrew Bennison writer
      Malcolm Stuart Boylan titles
      Frederick Hazlitt Brennan story
      James Kevin McGuinness writer
      John McLain writer

      Joseph H. August

      Although the film itself is currently believed to be lost,
      an original trailer for it was discovered in 2010,
      stored in the New Zealand film archive.

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: John Ford- Strong Boy (1929)

      Strong Boy is a 1929 comedy film.
      It was a silent film with a synchronized music track.
      Starring Victor MacLaglen.

      This film is still considered lost, but we believe Duke
      may have been in this movie, but we are yet to verify it.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: (New Review) Strong Boy (1929)

      I. “Wayne was an extra and worked as a propman.” Page 3462

      II. American Film Institute list cast “Victor McLaglen (Strong boy), Leatrice Joy (Mary McGregor). Directed by John Ford.”8

      III. No print has been viewed by the American Film Institute.8

      IV. “I think Fred [Landesman] and I discovered a reference or two that mentioned "Strong Boy" with Vic McLaglen and directed by Ford late in the Big Trail's run. Along with films like "The Black Watch" and "Born Reckless," also mentioned in connection with the Duke, they represent that period at Fox when Duke was doing whatever propping and extra work he could, especially for Ford. It is likely that, like "Mother Machree," Duke was probably involved behind the camera and not on screen. Tim [Lilley].”9

      V. “It is interesting to note that once Wayne was introduced to Ford, he worked on 3 pictures in a row with the director: “MOTHER MACHREE,” “FOUR SONS,” and “HANGMAN’S HOUSE.” His next recorded work with Ford comes over a year later with “SALUTE,” and “MEN WITHOUT WOMEN” (Fox – 1930). In between the films listed above, Ford directed three other pictures: “NAPLOEON’S BARBER,” (Fox-1928), “RILEY THE COP” (Fox-1928), and “STRONG BOY” (Fox -1929). It is not hard to believe that Wayne could have worked on one or more of these films, knowing the liking the director had taken to the earnest young man.” Vol VI, No 1, June 19899

      VI. “From “HANGMAN’S HOUSE” released in spring of 1928 until Ford began work on “SALUTE” the following spring, there is a gap of a year in which we have no definite film work recorded. This would have been the year following his full-time employment in the fall of ’27. Even allowing for the possibility that the young prop man took some time off for reflection and adventure during this year, it is hard to believe that he worked on no films at all in what should have been his busiest year on the lot. The gap in our information suggests we still have much to learn.” Vol VI, No 1, June 19899

      VII. A print of the trailer for this film is held by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences film archive.8

      VIII. Possible print in Australia See

      With thanks to Elly
      John Wayne Before Stagecoach
      Best Wishes
      London- England