Up the River (1930)

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  • hi

    After letting this lie dormant for some time I have just bought Spencer Tracy - A Biography by James Curtis. The book is a weighty tome of 1001 page published in 2011 by Arrow Books

    WRT Up The River Curtis writes that Tracy was signed to the Leo Morrison Agency on a six week contract commencing June 16th 1930 for $600 a week with a six months option on his services and the stipulation that he would be back in New York by August 21st as the show must open in Chicago September 1st.
    (p 137)

    Later:- 'Tracy was set to leave the Last Mile on May 26 when actor Lawrence Leslie, his replacement, fell ill with grippe. ... he was able to step away on Saturday June 7th, and left immediately for the West Coast. Despite the rush to get him to Los Angeles wher he arrived late Monday evening, Tracy found there was absolutely nothing to do'

    More Later



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  • Hi

    Getting back,my wife wanted to buy a new laptop and I needed a new printer, but now back to Up The River.

    'Up The River gor under way on August 1st, the company working nonstop to close with Tracy as scheduled' (p 140)

    Then finally- Tracy made his last shot on Sunday August 17th, at around five in the afternoon and was on a train bound for New York by eight that same evening' p 141

    Nowhere in the chapter is John Wayne mentioned.



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